Steemit Sandwich Contest Week #99

7개월 전

(Japanese follows / 日本語は下に)

I participate in SSC #99 ........ #100 comes next week! Wooo! Thank you for hosting the contest @jaybird, as always :)

Steemit Sandwich Contest Week 99 - CONTEST NOW OPEN! - [3 Prizes]

Sandwich helps me not to cook on stove in a hot day. It's 38 degrees here in Leipzig Germany today ... without AC! The big sandwiches shown in the photo is for my boyfriend. Not mine ;)



  • Home baked sourdough bread
  • Ham or salmon
  • Cucumber
  • Romain lettuce
  • Slice cheese
  • Fresh cheese
    (Carrot sticks for side)

I baked the bread yesterday to be ready for the hot Sunday. I was happy that a new baking technique opened the coupe (cut line) on top of the bread well. I was watching how the coupe was developed for a while in front of the oven ..... It'll be too long if I start writing it. I'll write about it as a separate post for #breadbakers ;)




Happy sandwich making and eating!

毎週恒例 @jaybird さんのサンドイッチコンテストに参加します。今回は99回目、来週は記念すべき100回目です。

Steemit Sandwich Contest Week 99 - CONTEST NOW OPEN! - [3 Prizes]


写真は私のではないです w お父ちゃんの大きなサンドイッチです。私はパンをもりもり食べる元気がなく、先週作ったパンの残りがあったので、同じような具材を使ってサラダにしました。




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Looks great, love that bread n salad side too!


Haha thanks! The sandwich was for my boyfriend and the salad was for me. It was too hot (38+ degrees!!) to eat sandwich yesterday ;)

That bread looks gorgeous! I want to read about your new technique!
Good luck with the contest!


Happy to see you back on Steemit @shanibeer :) I'll write about it soon!


I tried your last tip about heating the oven to 200 degrees and increasing the heat when you put the bread in. It worked very well :) but I didn't grease the pan and the bottom crust got stuck! The bread was okay, it tasted delicious but didn't look very pretty hehe :)

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Ohhh I wish your pan is fine ... I use baking sheet but few times I failed to slip dough and the sheet in oven and resulted the same 😅

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WOW you made you own sourdough bread, this looks amazing, great sandwich and salad @akipponn!