Steemit Sandwich Contest Week 98 - Fishy Times

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As I told everyone yesterday when I was feeling all nostalgic and brought the smells of the ocean right into our home with my Smoked Haddock & Mussel Chowder, we spent a couple of lazy (and adrenaline filled days - will tell you about that another day) down the Kwazulu Natal South Coast at a little village called Uvongo.


We had no time for fishing though, but it's almost time for the annual Sardine Run that takes place every winter here on the East Coast of Africa.
They're usually first spotted on the Wild Coast, moving up the KZN East Coast and disappear somewhere up on the KZN North Coast, these silvery delights give their position away by dark patches on the ocean and also by the tons of sea gulls that dive-bomb into the waters to gorge on them. They come in large shoals, with thousands if not millions being netted, many wash up on our sandy beaches.
This is a huge attraction causing much excitement with locals and visitors.
Of course large game fish follow these shoals so this is the best time to fish our waters.
Have a look at what Oceansafrica has to say about this natural phenomenon.
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So what does this all have to do with sandwiches I hear you ask?

It was lunchtime back at home and what better than a Sardine & Salad Roll to still the hunger pangs when all I can think of is Fish! By the way, Sardines were what I used to crave many moons ago during my pregnancy; no, I'm not trying to tell you something, that factory closed a long time ago ;)

For those who don't know, Sardines are actually small Pilchards - small, oily fish belonging to the Herring family Clupeidae.
They are packed with nutrients - Omega 3, Vit D & B12, Calcium, Minerals and Protein. As they feed on plankton, they do not have high levels of mercury which many other fish contains.

My Sardines came from a tiny little can.


  • Canned Sardines in oil
  • Fresh Portuguese Bread Roll
  • Lettuce
  • Cucumber slices
  • Tomato slices
  • Onion slices
  • Cream Cheese & Chives





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And a quick look for all our busy people - sorry for the long intro guys, but I though you'd be interested to hear about this little fish ;)

Last but not least, who knows that we're only one week away from the big one hundred here on Steemit Sandwich Contest, all thanks to that amazing songwriter and musician the Manwich maker @jaybird! So head on over to this week's Contest Post and show us your sandwiches!

Would love to see some of our past Sandwiteers join in the party - I can think of a couple that we have not seen for a long time, you guys still around?
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Ohhhh my we just stopped for the day and this is the first thing I see :) Woosh, I'm hungry now, love the cheese, cucumber and tomato toppings! Love the shots of the shore, so glad you had a semi-relaxing weekend! Beautiful sandwich my friend!


Thank you my friend, it's been a real blessing and totally unexpected! Enjoyed the fishy sandwich too ;)

The ocean shots look so beautiful and what ebtter to go with them than this tasty looking burger, looking forward to hearing about your adrenaline packed adventures

Sorry vote power is down so !tip


Thank you so much @tattoodjay! Going to tell you all about that today :)


Cool looking forward to seeing that post 😎😂😎

What is it with us, having often some similar even the same ingredient?! hehe Tiny can fish sandwich week here on steem... excellent!


That's so weird, but that's what often happens to us Sandwiteers, almost like we've been given an unspoken theme! Tiny fish are super tasty though!

Looks delicious @lizelle! I’m still around but currently traveling and do not have access to a kitchen to make sandwiches until maybe next week. I will definitely hop back in on the fun sooon. This post made me ready for lunch!

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Hey @jeffjagoe, great seeing you here, I do hope you can join in the fun soon , especially Week 100! Enjoy your travels :) Hope your lunch was good!

Hey my friend! I love sardines like that, it is quite common in Mauritius to eat sardines salad!
Txs for the mention, yes i am still around and will make my best to enter in some contest soon!
I am just too busy these days specially with my bistro which will soon grow in a restaurant, so quite a lot of work ahead for me.
Greetings from Mauritius!


Great to hear your bistro is doing so well, I can just imagine how busy you are! Best wishes with all your future plans on expanding :) I was hoping we could have a bumper week #100 party for our Manwich maker ;)

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