'Free From Things' - 100 Day Poetry Contest Day 99

4년 전

Wow!! We're almost there... day 99 of the 100 day steemit poetry contest.... Madness!

Yes that's right... we're almost there! In fact... I think officially today is the last day of the contest, and I may be a day behind... I've kinda lost my bearings recently!

But.. I got there, to almost 100 poems, and tomorrow I will personally officially finish what has been an epic journey and such an amazing contest. Thank you so much to @d-pend and @steemitschool for making this a reality... it's been incredible for all of us!

Recently, after getting home from travels with not much, selling as much of what I do have as possible, fumbling around doing odd jobs, floating around from one sofa to the next, starting to feel kinda... stressed.. but not forgetting of course that I am... totally blessed.

But I must confess,

The past 70 odd days have been pretty intense, returning home with nothing and trying to keep this whole contest up the whole way. I recently had my bag stolen, which had pretty much all my stuff in it (thankfully not my laptop :D ) and I'm really at ground 0 right now for the first time in many many years.

So it's weird, but I feel kinda free-er than ever

With Love
Hart Floe Poet

100 Day Poetry Day 99 Image 2.jpg

Free From Things

I broke free...
Free from the things that I owned,
That actually owned me.
To these…
Possessions -
Obsession -

Material trinkets...
The weight of the ship,
Will eventually sink it.
A bird trying to fly...
With tar in it’s wings.
Gravity Pulls -
Exhausted birds will not sing.

Owning so much,
Was tiring me out.
I want to move on -
So they had to move out.
Then the bits that I saved,
The things I thought I should keep,
We’re suddenly taken from me...
Now I’m totally free.

100 Day Poetry Day 99 Image 1.jpg

Thanks as always for reading... really can't believe we've made it! This is insane... Love it!

Thank you so much @d-pend for this epic experience.

With Love
Hart Floe Poet

Thank you for reading.

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