'Just Start' - 100 Day Poetry Contest Day 91

4년 전

Welcome... To a 100 day journey into the poetic minds of the @steemitschool writing community!

I'm gonna be hitting the street of London soon performing poetry busker style with an amp and a custom made funk wooden sign, and an even funkier hat which I hope will be filled with generous donations from the passing people that end up being positively effected by my poetry...

This is a reminder to me and anybody to follow their heart - just start - you will get better - you don't have to be amazing, or experienced, or qualified.. just give it a go and see what flows!

I'm so excited now to see where this takes me!

I'll be sure to let the people of Steemit know!

With Love
Hart Floe Poet

100 Day Poetry Day 91 Image 1.jpg

Just Start

You don't have to be great to start...
But You Have To Start To Become Great.
Just go out there...
And let your heart vibrate.
Let yourself elevate,
Make the whole ground shake.
Escape the fear that would keep you bound to the ground.
Shackled down,
Ankles in chains,
Wanting to fly...
To stay true to your wings.
Folding them in.
Too scared to jump.
What’s the worst that could happen?

The worst thing that could happen is that you go through life,
On the ground,
With your wings by your side...
Like they’d never been found.
Unable to fly,
Because of the story in your mind.
Just try -
All you have to do is try.
Just give it a go...
That’s how you get started -
And each time you’ll grow,
And you’ll become more love-hearted.
And trust me my friend…
You’ll be so glad you started.

100 Day Poetry Day 91 Image 2.jpg

Thanks as always for reading.

With Love
Hart Floe Poet

All entries and images are created by me on each day as required by the rules. Loving the need to create every day to be part of this… it’s so rewarding!

Please make sure that you join the -

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All images were created by me on Canva. All photos used in construction of images are my own.

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Love this my friend as always love your words and your truth, so happy to have connected with you on here xxx


Awww me tooo... you know I appreciate your support sooo much and even if you were my only reader I'd feel like it was all worth it for the support and love you give :)

Thank you! It means a lot... stay in tune! I'm just getting going :)

With Love
Hart Floe Poet

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