'Street Teacher' - 100 Day Poetry Contest Day 97

4년 전

Welcome... To a 100 day journey into the poetic minds of the @steemitschool writing community!

Today I overcame a huge fear of mine by taking to the streets to busk using my poetry...

It was so weird, to be in a place where no one is expecting you, or even really listening to you, or willing to stop and stay with you, but just continuing to perform as if I actually had a crowd there.

Thankfully I had one amazing soul there named Karis who I met travelling and just so happened to have met again today for the first time since we last parted ways in Colombia last March.

Without that little bit of that moral support there, it definitely would not have happened.

I waited all day until around 6:20pm until there was finally a slot... and I got up there and began something that was a completely new and unknown ball-game for me.

After my third poem, 1 lady came over and dropped a pound coin in. Although I'm not doing this FOR the money (I am doing it because I feel compelled to follow my heart and my passion in some way) - I am COMPLETELY broke right now, and have just had my whole travelling bag stolen with all my possessions in it a few days ago... so... Making money from it is still an outcome that is more than welcome right now and in the future!

Anyway... at the end of it all... I had 1 new audience member who joined Karis, and totally out of the blue, she came and dropped a £20 in my hat... something I really didn't expect to happen!

I was so overwhelmed with gratitude and joy. We spoke, and the reason she wanted to give me that much, was because she herself was a poet but had lost her confidence in the past few years and seeing me up there doing it regardless of the fact that there was no crowd and most people just walking by had really inspired her. I made sure the short chat we had after was as valuable to her as it could be - reminding her that she has a great gift inside of her and the world is just waiting to receive it... we both had slightly wet eyes by the end of our conversation haha :'(

At the same time, she too had inspired me to know that my words and my passion are worth something to the right people and that I will be rewarded if I continue to follow my heart with love beaming from it, touching as many as I possibly can with the intention of doing my bit to heal both myself and this world and make it a better place in some way <3

So, I will continue to do this, and maybe sometimes I will come home with nothing, and no listeners, and maybe others I could come home quite a bit richer than when I started having touched hundreds... who knows.... all I know is I am so grateful to have faced this fear, for the Universe happening to reconnect Karis and I on the same day I decide to just start and for giving me everything I needed to overcome my fear... and for the kind soul Jo Jordan who made sure that I knew that at least someone was listening and appreciated the value of what I was doing.

Thank you so much Jo, Wherever you are!

Today was just the beginning - I was a total noob, excited but nervous, ill-rehearsed ( / no rehearsed ha ) clueless and fumbling... but that's how you start right! No-one begins at pro-level... that's the journey <3

Never stop chasing your dreams,
beautiful people...
You deserve nothing less.

With Love
Hart Floe Poet

100 Day Poetry Day 97 Image 1 (1).jpg

Street Teacher

I finally plucked up the courage,
To get out on the streets...
And share my good words,
With all the people I meet.
Though most just shuffle on by -
Marching Feet.

So weird to be in a place where your presence isn’t expected...
Each and every passerby becomes a mirror in which I’m reflected.
"I am that…
I am."
I continue to say...
As each person passes,
And continues on their way.

But hey!
I have something to say!!
Please take just a moment...
And stay,
So we can play…
But neigh…
Autopilots -
En-route to destination.
I did have ONE member in my crowd...
Just the fact that she was there,
Gave me the confidence to be loud and proud.

Another joined…
One lady came over and dropped a pound coin…
My first token of appreciation -

See I went to the streets to share what I love.
To try and find another way,
In which I can use my passion to pay my way.
Because we live in a world where we need money to survive,
We have to do SOMETHING,
To get these tokens,
Just so that we can stay alive…
I got so much passion and fire in me,
I’m sure eventually I’ll get paid big...
If I just keep setting it free,
With loving intentions and thoughts of ascension -
As I'm facing my fears it’s relieving the tension.
Attention on me,
Find new dimensions in me,
Potential to be,
Just what I want to be.
No need to conform to our society,
Consciously Creating,
My Own Reality
It’s definitely not easy...
But it’s much more fulfilling,
Maybe at first I won't make a killing,
But more than the money,
It’s about my heart spilling,
And my love flowing free
To every person that happens to pass by,
When I take my passion
to the people on the street.

Copy of 100 Day Poetry Day 97 Image 1 (1).jpg

Thanks for reading as always :)

With Love
Hart Floe Poet

All entries and images are created by me on each day as required by the rules. Loving the need to create every day to be part of this… it’s so rewarding!

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This is definitely my pick all i can say is that it's all round beautiful, the words, the structure, the rhymes everything.
You're right being free is the best letting people know what you can do is the ultimate feeling
Really loved it friend hartfloe.

This what we should call heart-flow, @hartfloe. The piece is amazingly rhythmical. It flows free with the emotions of the lyrics.

I guess there's some of a street teacher in all teachers but only the braver ones dare to go "tame" and "educate" the street (the real thing).

It's always a pleasure to read you.

I loved this metaphor:

I have something to say!!
Please take just a moment...
And stay,
So we can play…
But neigh…
Autopilots -
En-route to destination.

I saw myself pictured here; I've found myself to be, sometimes, one of these automata.

This is going to be my final Weekly Find for the challenge (I had chosen a different one some days ago, but now that I read this, I can't let it go unnoticed).

My favorite feature is your clever use of final rhyme. It's music. Loved it. Thank you.

See you around :-)