Steemit Talent Contest - Week #19 - The winners

3년 전

I'd like to thank all of Week #19 contestants for entering Steemit Talent Contest. It was a pleasure watching all of your performances.


I’d like to apologize for the massive delay on posting these results. Ive had ipad issues.
Got it fixed then it broke again. Had to wait 10days for a new part and then i got it back and it still doesn’t work! So I had to wait till I had enough money to buy a cheapish second hand ipad. It’s been a real pain in the butt and has caused me a lot of stress and depression as I use my ipad for many things. To add to the injury I dropped my cellphone 3 weeks ago walking my dog and smashed the screen so badly its almost impossible to type on it and at $500usd for a new screen its one more thing I cant currently afford.

I think I need an aura cleansing.

Anyhow enough of that crap. Im back! We listened to some very impressive entries this week but as you all know we have to narrow it down to just 4 winners which keeps taking longer and longer to do each week with so many excellent talented entries!

I'd like to thank this wonderful community and of course our sponsor @luzcyper for supporting Steemit Talent Contest.


If you would like to re-cap all of Week #19 entries here they are:

#The Winners!! In reverse order....

4th Place winning 2 STEEM - @siomarasalmeron

3rd Place winning 3 STEEM - @heatherthebard. It’s nice to hear you sing! What a great original piece.

Thanks to everyone who entered and everyone who upvoted and supported the contestants.

Don't forget to check out this weeks #openmic by @luzcypher

I hope to have as much fun listening to and watching this weeks entries as I did last week! Your Steemit Talent Contest host @donnaincancun!



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hi @donnaincancun hope you are well. I see you came back and that makes me happy. I wanted to know if you would come back with the contest again?


I will indeed! 😃 Im working on the winners from week #20 post now. Im going to skip the entries post for week#20 as it takes forever to do! Week #21 will be live from tomorrow!!! And fingers crossed I dont have any more technical problems. What a bloody nightmare!


I think I cursed myself here!!! lol Finally i'm back!!!! and with a shiny new laptop thanks to my dad! bless him!

Wow! Thank you! It was a pleasure to share my composition with you!

Happy to see you posting again, too!


Happy to be back Heather.

Week#21 goes live tomorrow!!!

Wooo no lo puedo creer! muchas gracias por anunciarme como ganadora, estoy sorprendida, gracias por el apoyo! @donnaincancun

Thank you, @donnaincancun! Hahaha Cool! It's been a while... We've been missing you. I am waiting for this next week's opening post.

felicidades a todos las entradas fueron de primera linea.

que bueno que este de regreso amiga, el aura se limpia con buena música feliz día.. todo lo mejor siempre fluye

Muchas gracias, esto me tomó por sorpresa, pero qué felicidad!