Steemit Talent Contest - Week #20 - The winners!!!!

3년 전

I'd like to thank all of Week #20 contestants for entering Steemit Talent Contest. It was a pleasure watching all of your performances.

This is my first post on my new laptop and it has taken me AGES to do. Im not used to using windows! I normally post from an ipad so I keep trying to touch the screen and apparently that doesn't work!!

We listened to some very impressive entries this week but as you all know we have to narrow it down to just 4 winners which keeps taking longer and longer to do each week with so many excellent talented entries!

I'd like to thank this wonderful community and of course our sponsor @luzcyper for supporting Steemit Talent Contest.


If you would like to re-cap all of Week #20 entries here they are:

#The Winners!! In reverse order....

4th Place winning 2 STEEM - @adreini

3rd Place winning 3 STEEM - @betzy What a wonderful performance from someone so young!! huge future talent here guys!

Thanks to everyone who entered and everyone who upvoted and supported the contestants.

Don't forget to check out this weeks #openmic by @luzcypher

I hope to have as much fun listening to and watching this weeks entries as I did last week! Your Steemit Talent Contest host @donnaincancun!



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OOOHHH!!!! Thanks!!!!!! SOOO MUUUCHHHH!!!!!!De verdad un honor que mi hija sea parte de este Cuadro de Honor!! GRACIAS GRACIAS!!! y de parte de mi hija: " MUCHAS GRACIAS"


She’s wonderful! If she keep practicing she will be in an orchestra for sure one day! ❤️

Hi @donnaincancun, I'm @checky ! While checking the mentions made in this post I found out that @luzcyper doesn't exist on Steem. Maybe you made a typo ?

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