Steemit Talent Contest - Week #21 - The Winners!!!!

3년 전

I'd like to thank all of Week #21 contestants for entering Steemit Talent Contest. It was a pleasure watching all of your performances.

We listened to some very impressive entries this week but as you all know we have to narrow it down to just 4 winners which keeps taking longer and longer to do each week with so many excellent talented entries!

I'd like to thank this wonderful community and of course our sponsor @luzcypher for supporting Steemit Talent Contest.


If you would like to re-cap all of Week #21 entries here they are:

#The Winners!! In reverse order....

4th Place winning 2 STEEM - @carlosfbass

Thanks to everyone who entered and everyone who upvoted and supported the contestants.

Don't forget to check out this weeks #openmic by @luzcypher

I hope to have as much fun listening to and watching this weeks entries as I did last week! Your Steemit Talent Contest host @donnaincancun!



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WHAT? it's amazing, thank you so much for the support:)

thank you very much for your support @donnaincancun the very happy and honored truth of being among the 4 winners, it is very exciting to see so much talent together, and to see that everyone is Venezuelan and from the same city! @teamcumana active and present great things are coming


Que orgullo el @teamcumana:)


Really? Your all Venezuelan? I had no idea! Well congratulations 🎈🎉


if we are all from venezuela and live in the same city hehehe thank you for your support

Thank you, @donnainancun. So cool! I feel very glad. Greetings, lady.