Steemit Treasure Quest #6 reminder

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Steemit Treasure Quest #6

Guessing Stage for this week's game is OPEN!!!

Head over here to participate: Treasure Quest #6

Steemit Treasure Quest Explained

This is how it goes:

1 - This is Tartu, my hometown.

2 - Each week there's a new point.

3 - I will scout that point and photograph 10 things I see. You will have to guess what I photographed. You have 2 guesses.

4 - On Friday I will publish my 10 images and reveal the winner (s).

5 - Whoever gets closest will win 5SBD and can select the next location and a random number!!!

  • If 2 or more people guessed correct, the one who guessed first will win. Others might receive a small reward too :)
  • The random number determines which photo to guess.

BONUS: I will hide various treasures on the map. If your selected point gets into 100m where my treasure lies you will get rewarded!! Arrgh!!

If you have additional questions about this game, let me know in the comments!

I suggest using google maps and street view.

Anyone can participate!

If you wish to help this game grow: upvote, resteem, donate!



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