Steemium dev blog: anonymous btc promotions


New opportunities

With our new btc payment options we are opening multiple exciting possibilities to STEEM content promotion.

At steemium we realised that foreign users (readers with no STEEM account) have very little change to interact with the published content.

Obviously, without account you cannot vote nor post. But, there are also currently very few services that allow users to interact with STEEM content in an "offline" mode.

Steemium new btc payments

With our new implementation, guest users are now able to tip or just support a post without the need of an account. All they need is a btc wallet address.

The promotion process fulfills flawlessly without any login or authentication.

It's easy, btc invoice QR barcode scan and ready to go. Within an hour, the promotion will be performed for the selected post.

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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4.98 USD has been spent to promote this content using Steemium .
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