Competition for - 3 (SBD) 48 hours! ( @steemix-io )

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Hello! The competition is certainly not big but not difficult in advance, I wanted to thank my boss @steemix-io .Jumping will last 48 hours to participate in the contest, you need to give a vote + resteem and of course 1 well antekvarnuyu photo about the Simpsons under this post so that everything is fair will be @yasayanoluler .

Everyone who knows about us knows that we honestly help people earn earlier only to the Turkish people, but I want to try it once in such a way that the general competition does not miss the chance that there can be big competitions for higher amounts and winners there will be more everything depends on you I gave pressure.

Yes, and you can subscribe to my profile to find out the winner in 48 hours exactly there will be a new post where the winner's name will be!

Good luck to everyone and we started!

We carry a #tr tag to contact us and to complete the honesty of the competition and all the information our channel

Discord :


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Ebola epidemiyası. 1997 ildə yayınlanmışdır.

The Simpsons 1997-ci ildə Ebola virusu haqqında danışmağa başladı. Onların proqnozları haqqında yazılar və videolarda o dövrdə heç kim bu virusun və onun dəhşətli gücündən xəbərdar deyildi. Yalnız 17 il sonra, 2014-cü ildə Afrikada bu xəstəlik yayıldı və bütün dünya Ebola virusu haqqında danışmağa başladı.


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təşəkkür.etdm rstm

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Did a 1997 episode of The Simpsons warn us about the destruction of the Twin Towers? The Coincidence Theorist investigates…
In a 1997 episode of The Simpsons, ‘The City of New York vs. Homer Simpson’, Lisa Simpson presents a 9$ magazine entitled ‘New York’.Conspiracy theorists have suggested that the magazine’s peculiar design could’ve been a deliberate allusion to the 9/11 attacks that would take place four years later.Others have even drawn comparisons between the design of Bart’s dollar bills and the design of a Masonic tracing board.


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