The Steemizen project

4년 전

Hello, everyone!

I have been using cryptotokens as a way to store my money for nearly 4 years now instead of keeping bank accounts or using the fiat monetary system that is anything but voluntary.
With that in mind, I want to introduce you to a project that I have been putting together for quite some time.

Introducing Project Steemizen

Project Steemizen is an experiment where I will fund all my expenses through the rewards I am allocated by the
STEEM blockchain.

Now what does this mean?

In short, I will try and pay my rent and utilities and basic food items.

For that to happen I will be posting on a daily basis.

While I'm aware of the fact that there are big changes coming to STEEM,
I will start this project as of today, in order to get the feeling in the first few weeks if it will be possible to rely on the income from STEEM to cover the costs.


I will be updating the financial situation (expenses, income, savings, etc.).

The plan will be to post on numerous topics such as TIL, food articles, reviews, and much more!

Stay tuned for more details!

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Good luck on your fresh start :)


Thank You very much @karenb54 :)


Your welcome :)

Good luck! Following you now this should be interesting :)

I have since contemplated diversifying my savings to primarily crypto currencies as well. While I've known about them for a while I am rather new to this yet.

I wish you the best of luck and hope it works! You're an inspiration to all!!

Best of luck to you! I'm curious to see how you make out, because I would love to make a living doing the same thing. :D


thank you! now that the update is out I can start figuring out :)

thank you @steemitzen learned a ton. good luck !