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The mission of STEEMJET started as an idea by the great @dimimp, whose love and creativity we appreciate and benefit from everyday. As a regular steemian who combines school, tailoring and being a "girl child", I thrive so hard to never give up on steemit. STEEM, unlike other cryptocurrency have a source. It's not just a trade for me. Through the blog created by steem, STEEMIT. I have made my own money without having to buy steem, through continually posting knowledgeable ideas, poetry, tales and articles.
At the end, i CURATE. This is what has inspired a lot of people on the STEEMJET FORCE by @dimimp. The @kabolo community took it upon themselves to create music awareness about steemit. The @kabolo community headed and founded by @tudors have a plan to take steemit and STEEMJET to a higher level in Nigeria 🇳🇬 and Africa as a whole. The first music video done by this community was named MOGBONO FELI FELI. This is a Yoruba language in the western part of Nigeria, the video exposes STEEMJET's progress the song title translates STEEMJET HOT HOT. Now we will all anticipate a new song by @kabolo community. we all hope that @dimimp and every other steemian is pleased on the progress we've made in making STEEMJET grow in Africa. The song highlights our culture and our land, although only a small part of Akwa ibom state in Nigeria was used as the location.

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