My Entry for the Seem-High Contest

2년 전

My greatest comic hero is Superman. I chose him for the "Steem High" contest simply because he represents the VERY BEST of the Human Race -- though he's a Super Human, figuratively speaking, that is. Coming to think of it, a Super Human -- in this case, Superman -- is any man, ordinary as he may seem, who has done extraordinary SELFLESS deeds for Humanity. For that reason I CHOSE the symbol of Superman for this contest. For that reason also, I recognize you, Sir @dimimp as a Superman -- for all the SELFLESS good deeds you've been doing to every Steemjetter that crosses your path.

I'm new to Steemit, and this is my very first post. Hope you like it. Have fun!

NOTE: I did some varieties of the Superman version. I wanted to chose the best. Now the broblem is: I don't know which is the best. So, I'm submitting all the varieties for you to chose the one you like best. Knock yourself out, Sir @dimimp...

man of steem.jpg

man of steem2.jpg

man of steem3.jpg

man of steem4.jpg

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