Blockchain Series #1 by Steemjet TV: Interview with @samstickkz and @joshuaattat

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Blockchain Series #1 by Steemjet TV: Interview with @samstickkz and @joshuaattat

Hello #steemjetters

Today we have a very prominent member of the Steemit Nigeria Community @samstickkz and also @joshuaattat the CEO of @bankofattat.


Still finding it hard to understand the concept of the blockkchain technology? Then watch this interview brought by Steemjet Media.

Part 1

Part 2

Steemjet Media


On the wings of superstars, we are words and steem

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we're words and steem.

Let's get this out there! Go steemJet

Twas nice hanging with y'all

Thanks. And its a nice interview. Interview with @samstickkz and @joshuaattat is a great one.

Wow, I've been searching for a simplified explanation on blockchain technology and you just made my day. Thanks!

This is beautiful.
Well planned stuff and well executed.

This is a great start for steemjet media. You guys are amazingly awesome. Thank you for this interview with @samstickkz and @joshuaattat, blockchain technology simplified.

Well talk.outstanding explanation.nice clearificAtion on blockchain topic.

Beautiful people! Go Steem Media! Go Steem Jet!