The Metaphorical; The Mind is the Sky. (Creative writing)

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Nature is so precious and too inspiring when we come closer to study the characteristic conditions on which somethings we see around tend to exhibit. As numerous as the things created could be, I've really studied the characteristics of the SKY and have assumed it to be the same as the mind.

Looking upwards, we see a big colourful canopy above us, I really did not understand the principal how it was built without pillars around it as support but it's really inspiring to behold. The Sky is characterized by it's changes in mood with time so is the Mind also characterized by it's changes in mood with time. The Mind's characteristics so empirical that the weather conditions of the sky could be seen to be the same.

Now the the sky is shiny and clear that you could vividly see the expression on the faces of birds that fly in the sky; personified right... So is the mind, when it is clear without grudges, the faces of people around tend to be filled with smiles and laughter; "a clear sky is a clear mind".
Oh! the sky is cloudy, gloomy and rainy, seems there's a paradigm shift, and was once a clear sky is now a moody sky. the changes are real and emphatic, showing that the Mind though at peace now but has it's cloudy, gloomy and rainy state. when you tend to feel moody and restless in the mind about a situation, that's same as the sky (cloudy, gloomy and rainy). Rain sometimes falls after a short time of cloudy sky or it might decide not to fall, so is the mind; it might decide to control the body to act based on the thoughts it had already nurtured or it might decide not to make the body act at all. "a moody sky is a moody mind".

Just look up sometimes in the early morning, the Sky feels moist and sends dew to the earth; wow! the Mind is happy that it is thinking of good for other people, very unbiased and grateful. As the sky is happy and sends dew to the earth, so is the mind when joyous and happy tends to make the body reciprocate happiness and generosity. "a moist sky is a moist mind".

Definitely, a moment comes when the Sky goes seemingly dark even darker. When the sky is seemingly dark, it tends to use the help and power of the heavenly bodies(moon and stars) to show a little light to the earth, because it didn't just become dark, but the moment then warrants it being seemingly dark. The same as the Mind, at certain moments become seemingly dark or even darker, not thinking straight. But in the midst of all these, still shows some beam of light which is compassion and empathy to some people around. But there's this moment when the Sky becomes darker that you hardly see yourself in a space; guess it is called eclipse. It happens making the sky darker and unable to light to the earth's crust. The mind is same as a darker sky, it shuts down all emotions, compassion, sympathy and empathy, making it hard to showing love but hatred, I guess it should be called the eclipse of the mind. "A dark sky is a dark mind"

Lastly, the SKY and the MIND having seemingly the same characteristics figuratively cannot apparently be overemphasized but metaphorically, judging from the creative analysis I've been able to convincingly state that the "SKY IS THE MIND"

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