Proposal For Medical Outreach For Covid-19 Awareness

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I want to say welcome back @dimimp and also use this medium to say a big thank you for what have done, what I’ll do, and what you are doing. Steemit community has change lives, and it is changing lives now moving to save lives.

I want to appeal for an opportunity for medical outreach educating the poor by teaching how to live healthily.
Proposed topics
• Corona Virus
• Fight against malaria
• Lassa fever (we already did awareness on this)

The outreach is focusing on the above topics.
This proposal is written and addressed to the community as I can’t do this alone, we will need volunteers, aid workers and some finances to enable the program to run smoothly and create maximum impact.

Target population
500-1000 people (3days)

Distribution of face mask and other relief materials (Corona lockdown)
for the fight against malaria. A mosquito net will be distributed
For Lassa Fever, which has been killing.

The Lassa virus is transmitted to humans via contact with food or household items contaminated with rodent urine or fasces this we did an outreach last month image below

This my proposal will answer the following questions

  1. How will you use the donated STEEM/HIVE to support people in urgent need?
  2. When will you use the donation? (e.g next week, month, year?)
  3. How do you plan to show the community that you didn't use it all yourself?
    a... The whole STEEM will be used in buying of malaria drugs, mosquito nets, condoms, and paying 2 medical personals that will be on board for the 3days.
    b... 1 week from the receipt of the STEEM. This period is for me to do proper publications so as to reach our target population and surpass.
    c... As seen in the above pictures the Lassa fever outreach, there's always documentation.

The picture will be uploaded every day in a new post and will make an effort to produce a video at the end of the 3days outreach.

Financial Estimation
About a thousand Hive or 3000 Steem or more but will leave this to your own discretion.

This proposal has been prepared for your perusal. Most of the items above will not be enough for the budgeted number of people but just have to make do with the available resources.
This outreach will be carried out in Akwa Ibom STATE NIGERIA.

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