Let's find out how well people know of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology

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Steemjet Media: Ever heard of the word BLOCKCHAIN?

Hi #steemjetters,

Steemjet Media is here again.

Today, we hit the streets to find out how well people know about blockchain and cryptocurrency. This is kind of a little research from us as we hope to understand how well our potential audience know about the blockchain technology, cryptocurrency and steem.

It's not quite shocking to know that most people haven't heard of the word BLOCKCHAIN.

So yea, we have a whole lot of work to do in teaching people about blockchain technology, cryptocurrency and steem.

Steemjet Media

And also we are inviting the whole public to this event coming up
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On the wings of superstars, we are words and steem

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Count down till the D-DAY.


How i wish i can attend the crypto class but unfortuntely am in Ibadan. I wish you can bring one down here too

This is really one of the good works i have always appreciated and am glad that you guys are making improvements on it.
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I shouted Jesus! when those guyz said they've not heard of Bitcoin. Hahahahaha
Uyo people ooooo.. Kai.... This video is so funny.
This lady even said its scam and for yahoo people.. Lolzzzzz.... Wow... We need more and more evangelism on cryptocurrency ooo.. Chai

Weldone guyzzzz... @vheobong darling... I see you.


Lol... One of them said she tried it once and made money from it. I just hope they are not mistaking it for mmm or ultimate cycler


Hahahahahahahahaha now thats reallyyyyy funny... Lolzzz



Baby boo


@oredebby, do not laugh at their ignorance. There was a time you were not aware of cryptocurrencies and even steemit. If I may ask, when did you join steemit? You knowing it now does not mean you were never a novice of it. These people will get better knowledge of all the terms they've heard about the cryptomarket when they attend the programmed and you will be surprise how some of them will become millionaires. I believe everything in life has time. So this is their time to learn.
In my School, University of Benin, ,Benin City Edo state Nigeria, It mostly the Faculty of Engineering STudents that has more idea on these terms. I asked most of other faculty students if they've heard of steemit, and they all said no. They've only heard of bitcoin. At my office of internship over 40 students are here but non has heard about steemit. I am the one trying to talk them in. Just as this video, some even think it is a scam. I have to make some transfer from my wallet to show them it was not a scam. Some of them signed up already. @sandraodozi is one of them. Let spread the word and steem.

So do not laugh at their ignorance. You have work to do; to tell people about steemit in Nigeria. Thank you.



Yea so true!! This shows the level of awarness of the blockchain technology and steem even amongs students in both conventional and technological institutions,and that is why we have arranged a seminar( details below) to teach people about the blockchain system and let them know its not for yahoo boys.



We cannot do this alone!! We seek your support in any way possible .


Wish I could attend...i would have love to but due to limited funds and my current location, it will be difficult. All the best.


Great initiative. I can't wait to be there

This is lovely, I really appreciate the fine effort that you guys are putting to promote this community and STEEM. It's highly impressive.

I would like to become a reporter in my country! 😛

We better get to work now

Wow nice interview guys. We are taking steemjet to the streets

Wow so interesting class?

Your decided category crypto ,steemit and steemjet are so helpful for any people .For knowing about crypto carrency of blockchain technology it very essential ...



I want to join your ministry.
Interviews 🙌🙌

great deal! :}} keep it up!!

This is lovely. With this, steemJet is gonna get known round planet earth

I think blockchain technology is the wonder of current century and our future. One day everybody know about blockchain and steemit. I appreciate the great activity of Steemjet.

This is a great initiative, you guys are amazing.

Oh my goodness
I'm really happy to see what steemjet media is doing
This is so brilliant.
Keep it up guys.

You are very active in promoting #steemjet,
Just like where I live today, people generally do not know what BLOCKCHAIN and CRYPTOCURENCY are, they just know BITCOIN.
It is time we together to promote steeem to the community so they know that there is other crypto money that they can use other than BITCOIN.

Success is always a friend.

nice one. People needs to hear about it. Millions of Nigerians have not heard of Cryptocurrencies . It is a nice outreach. I wish i can organized that in my area. I would have if i have the fund.

Nice one guys, keep up the good work.

Plz check my sketch art steemjet logo

That is a good move to let people to know!.. Nice one!..