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The steemjet music department presents the first ever steemjet musical, a music competition created by @langford and sponsored by @dimimp and supported by the steemjet CEO @uche-nna . We are searching for the best of music talents on the steemit community. The steemjet community is here to stay on this platform and we will continue to grow. If you think you got what it takes to be the first steemjet musical superstar and claim a spot in the spaceforce as well as win the grand prize then show us what you got.


  • Participants must be following the judges

  • In the beginning of your entry you must state that it is your entry for the steemjet musical contest

  • Contest is open for singers as well as rappers and participants can add instruments if they choose to

  • Participants are to drop link of to their entries as comments below




  • Winner - 200 steems plus a slot in steemjet spaceforce

  • First runner up - 150 steems plus a slot in the spaceforce

  • Second runner up - 100 steems plus a slot in the spaceforce

  • Fourth and Fifth Places - 80 steems each plus slots in the spaceforce

  • Other 5 contestants that makes it to the top ten all get slots in the space force

  • Consolation prices available



The audition stage will commence on Wednesday 20th of June 2018 (20/06/2018) and close Wednesday 27th of June 2017 (27/06/2018)

  • Interested contestants are to submit one video entry for the audition stage.

  • Interested contestants must be following this account and must resteem this post.

  • Any contestant that post more than one entry in a particular stage will be disqualified.

  • All entries must have steemjetmusical as first tag and steemjet should be one of the other tags.

  • After submission closes judges will select top 20 contestants to go into the other round.


This stage starts Friday June 29th and closes Tuesday July 3rd 2018

  • In this stage the top 20 contestants picked by the judges will submit another video entry.

  • Standard for judging will be increased at this stage so you have to give in your best.

  • Double entries not accepted.

  • Judges will select top 10 entries that will go into the next round.


This stage commences on Thursday 5th of July 2018 and ends on Saturday 7th of July 2018

  • In this stage the top 10 contestants will drop 1 video entry each.

  • Judges will select top 3 entries to go to the final stage.

  • The public will vote for 2 other contestants to join the judges' pick in the final.


This stage commences on Monday 9th of July 2018 and ends Tuesday 10th of July 2018

  • The top 5 contestants are to drop one video entry each.

  • Extra credits will be given to original songs.

  • Judges will review videos and announce winner and runner ups.


  • All entries must use the tags #steemjetmusical and #steemjet

  • All video entries should not be less than 2 minutes.

  • Winner will be tasked with composing the official steemjet anthem.


Follow @steemjetmusic to submit your entries over there

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  ·  2년 전

Amazing!!! great talent hunt, good luck people.

This is lovely, an opportunity for everyone to showcase their talent. I trust the contest will be handled in a free and fair manner without any sentiment.

I have a question.
"IS THE CONTEST OPEN TO ALL PERSONS" irrespective of their status on steemit and the steemjet community?


Yes it is very open

@banymaracara see queen a contest just for you. Look on @steemjetmusic as well to see the original post.


Yes... This is the moment to shine. <3 jajaja @gacorniel

Wow just the contest that i have been craving for. Time to get some recordings done, dropping my entry in a jiffy!!!

The steemjet community declares music this contest Valid and open.

Try your best people

Get your entries coming in. Thanks @empato365


So quick!!! LOL


They posted since 3 days ago na :)
This is an update


Just seeing it now


This is Wat you get from prepared minds,, they work ahead, I like you guy.

  ·  2년 전

great!. its an interesing content and i'll be entering soon

I'm so doing this, but Pls can I use a video of my music from YouTube?
I sang them actually


it has to be for d contest so you can't.. Make a fresh video and mention that it's for the steemjet musical contest



I wish i can sing too

Wow, am happy seen this,this is good ,very very good. Am 100% happy right now ,
Expect something good from me.

Here is my entry to the Steemjet Music Contest. Although I already submitted it to the @steemjetmusic account. Thanks.

Best wishes for all participants.

Wow wow wow. This is amazing. Thank you @steemjet

Nice one. I wish i can join. Wishing all those to contest success and can't wait to watch all their videos.

I'm just seeing this. My entry will be posted before Wednesday

My Entry:

Like i said earlier that am not that good in music but the fact that i keep hammering this contest in my friend who is an upcoming musician hearing but unfortunately his not on steemit. Anyway here is a freestyle moment from him representing My entry

Which I can sing, never the less I will try something perhaps my effort will be appreciated

Hi! I am a robot. I just upvoted you! I found similar content that readers might be interested in:


Yes because it is a repost that came from the same community.
I @empato365 decided to post it here to create publicity. Don't worry next time I'll try and edit it.


Hello! I have a suggestion, put the @steemjetmusic somewhere in the post so people know that exist an account focus in the music so they can follow it too.

The song must it be original or already sung song?

@steemjetcontests @yourmercury @mrprecious @etemi @langford @adamzi (just incase only one of you sees the mention)
Quick question,i just saw the contest,can i still drop my entry today,since it didn't exactly state what time it ends.


Yes you can drop your entry

Here's my entry
Thanks a lot for organising this contest


Thank you @steemjet
Thank you @dimimp
Thank you steemjet community ✊✊✊

I feel very welcomed to the steem block chain.
Creating ways for people who arent wroting enthusiasts to show case their other talents and get rewards.
Big thanks to everyone.

My entry for the steemjet musical- Title of my song Steemjet Musical

Here's my entry 😄
And hi y'all beautiful contestansts
Damn youtube gotta make me look funny all the time

Heres my mind blowing entry hope u like it, am not too use to the Rules

Nice! Great post. Amazing... Reesteem greetings

Thank you so much @langford for this contest,if not for steemjet,i wouldn't have tried this at all
I Love Steemjet
Here is my entry for the auditions

Thanks steemjet for this contest
Thank you @langford
Here's my entry

What a good and lovely idea from all steemjet members
I love steemjet

Good luck with your contest. I wonder where you got the idea? Hahahaha

Amazing!!! great talent hunt, good luck people.

Please is this still opened?

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