blockchain-series-1-an interview-with-samstickkz-and-joshuaattat

2년 전

The truth is that the steem block chain launched a large number of us into cryptocurrency and there's a large number out there untapped and our mission is to be available to help them through their journey on crypto world.

The new Vision of steemjet now is to preach and teach cryptocurrency to the masses and not just steem alone

So on that note steemjet Media is here with an update on our interview with @samstickkz about cryptocurrency/blockchain incase you missed the initial update.

So seat tight,relax,buy popcorn while you watch the video

We need your suggestions on the comments section about how you feel about the video or how helpful it has been after watching it



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Helpful information thank you

Our people making us proud. Lovely interview session.
Beautiful job!