Adding more feathers to cryptocurrencies usage in different localities through steemjet

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It was really a great day with these wonderful brothers and boss of steemjet community Nigeria . it was all about promoting cryptocurrencies especially steem from the grassroot. Having this done ,I and a colleague were lectured and officially introduced to steemjet by boss himself.
Truly , in a couple of years to come cryptocurrencies will be all over the world even no matter the remoteness .... Imagine a world where we don't need a paper currency to buy goods , food, pay bills e.t.c. ...this is a world steemjet promotes through the original talents found in steemians all over the world.

A big thank to my colleague @emilex, my chairmen @yungchief and @Jacobite and the boss steemjet community(Nigeria) @Uche-nna

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Good to have you on the SteemJet community and also talk about Global Adoption of Steem. Hope seeing faces like that of @jacobite and @uche-nna was a motivation

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Thanks ...... I will do just that