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There was a time our precious SBD was at a very high price. I could vividly remember when I joined this platform back then in January... I made plans of how I would use the money made from STEEMIT to affect lives. Alas I missed my device and had to wait for some time in order to get a new device but along the line things started changing. SBD started losing its value as the day went by so that it lost most of it members. Now with all the family issues on me, with dreams and aspirations I am in need of SBD and steem in order to complete the dream of using music to bring folks into this commununity of greatness.... And with the current value of all our tokens here I don't think that dream will be possible but u still believe that STEEMIT will rise again..... Our sbd's shall be valuable once again and I shall achieve that great dream of mine again.......

Thanks for your time....


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Outlook good

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