Is Dimimp the Bill Pulte of Steem?


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It is been over a year since Dimimp, the Sponsor of the Steemjet community made a post but despite his absence, he has always had the world at heart and help with every little opportunity he gets.


Who is Bill Pulte?
Bill is a U.S Billionaire who has in years been helping the American citizen's and helping even more during this Coronavirus. There is no time on Twitter, he doesn't give out money to help people get along with their lives, he is a popular as the President and even friends with Trump. He is a true MVP on Twitter.

Who is Dimimp?
Dimimp is known on the Steem Blockchain for taking care of everyone who comes across him/her. Both Minnows and Whales look up to him/her. Dimimp identity is unknown and some of us believes he might be an Alien. Dimimp is just too kind to be Human, He changed my life and made me believe that the world will truly been a nice place with people like him.

Just like the Rick Ross did - Tupac is Back. Dimimp is Back and he came back all for the sake of mankind.

The Blockchain Superman is Back, Always want to Save us. The world is not same as it use to be, Coronavirus has made a lot of us Jobless, Homeless, Helpless and some almost lifeless because we all have been abandon by the Government whose Sole Responsibility is to Protect the Citizens.

Welcome Back Dimimp.

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