Steemjet Musical Contest... Acoustic cover of Daughtry's Home.. By @dominiqueguitars

2년 전

I want to make a special shout out to all steemjetters. Your good works are seen, and greatly appreciated.
Many thanks to you guys for putting this contest together.
Much more thanks to @dimimp the boss for solely sponsoring this contest, more blessings boss.

The judges;

Y'all re greeted much!

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Great one boss!! Where do i start from? Your guitar playing?? Or your passionate singing??
Good one boss! Wishing you the best


Thank u much sir
I'm honoured!

You are amazing bro.. All I see is raw talent!


Thanks plenty Desy!

Hey man. This is a killer. You're such a talented young man. Wish you the very best.


Thanks a lot sire
Such kind words
I appreciate it greatly man!

Thanks! Great video, keep it up.


Thank u very much @wstanley226
Thanks for dropping by to check dis out

Saluton, Dominique you made my day worthwhile. Hope you will win the contest or at least some hearts.


Hi johano
Your comment gladdens my heart
N I do hope I win the contest😄
Thanks man!

Beautiful entry.


Great guitar playing and voice.. Thanks for joining in @dominiqueguitars the legend


Thank u so much sir!
I'm honoured!

My oh my, this is the best entry I've listened to so far. Well done, this is raw talent in its purest form, so real.
Wishing you all the best


I'm greatly encouraged once again
Thank u @joshuaetim

Amazing! You make every song you sing your own.
Your sound is so distinct and unique. That's a great trait for a musician. Keep inspiring, brother.


Thanks so much @jazzhero my brother
You never stop encouraging d boy to push for greatness
You are appreciated mightily!

I'm such a joke
This is so the best


Flatter me small naaaaaa
Thanks a lot darl
It's d judges' decision Sha... But we all out to have fun while we compete

Thanks for participating in the steemjet music contest ..


Thanks for accepting my participation😄