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Finally, Saturday 23rd May, 2018 the long awaited day/date at the steemjet awareness program that held at UNIUYO Main Campus at the at TETFund Auditorium was indeed a Twoderful success. It was a wonderful experience, with a large audience who came from far and near to learn about #steemit, #steemjet, and #cryptocurrency at large. The first 20 people that got to the event got #1000 each, that was a wonderful one coming from steemjet delegates. And a free Hotspot to serve the entire audience present.

The meeting gave me a platform to meet The Big Bosses in the likes of @deandaniel @samstickkz @dannytroniz @empato365 @vheobong @folly-pandy @geyzee @justubong @anyasiemmanul @steemedi @kvng1 @benakich @nicebassey @peterjacob @angiebrown. and other members that were present at the event

I so much thank the Host himself @deandaniel for the event, more grease to your elbow for more insight.
The meeting was to enlighten and give proper clarity to existing and intending steemjet and the steemit members at large. The meeting started at about 10:30am starting with an opening prayer from the MC @benakich, followed by an opening speech from the Host @deandaniel, who said he doesn't like seeing his mates been broke.

There was question & answer/ reward session by @folly-panda and some persons won 2steem and #1000 for answering the different questions. @folly-panda also told us about his success story with steemit, how he started, his misconceptions, the flagging here and there and how He got to understand it later and how he later made it on the steemit. He used that to encourage all especially the newbies

steem samstikz.jpg
I call him the Boss, @samstickkz was next on stage. He took us on cryptocurrency, its meaning, the different types of cryptocurrencies, their transaction speed, mining and various ways to invest in, the ease of posting and how you can still make post even if you don't have a laptop or a smartphone, and adviced those that had not joined steemit in the audience to join ASAP.

steem peter.jpg
Next on stage was @UtinPeter who is making it greatly with different crypto coins. He started with few motivational speeches while doing that, He said “listen carefully, I’m going somewere, follow me”. He talked about litecoin and that we should invest in it and that litecoin is faster to transfer and its transactions are fast. He also talked about Forcount a trading platform that uses smart programs to do the buying and selling of cryptocurrency for you. The program can do 5 to 6 transactions in 6minutes. Finally he told us about raincash.

steem empato.jpg
Another great Pilot on the steemjet, @empato365 gave a little speech on steemjet and the importance of the community, and a post he has made on his blog about everything you need to know about steemjet.
Immediately mcRICH (Mr. Bayo) mounted the podium and made us laughed and cracked few ribs along side came the Refreshment.

@anyansiemmanuel came on stage and talked about Airdrops and how to make money in tokens on the platform by doing simple task starting from the registration to airdrop links, follow people on twitter, retweeting, liking and commenting on their post.

The meeting ended at about 12:40PM with @deandaniel making the closing speech and appreciating everyone for attending. The MC called @UtinPeter for the closing prayer and at that juncture, the meeting came to an end.

Proudly a steemjetter!!!
Thanks to @deandaniel... Thanks to #steemjet... Thanks to #steemit
And thanks to all my #curators

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