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WOw... I saw this and I loved it. Before anything a big S/O to @mbj @lordjames... I most say nice thinking. Even more importantly now we need the distraction a bit with every thing happening.
Well I thought about it since it is untalented I can not sing or rap but I remembered some thing I was good at as a kid back then in primary school.
Check this out...


Wow... I did not know I can still do that. When in school as a kid I use to draw action movies and tell to my friends.... Lol... Small pikin no good but was fun..



This one off me self... I swear I no believe say I fit do this kind thing again.... Lol

Much more big S/O to the organisers of this contest... It made me have fun and help bring out a lost talent. 😘

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Otondo.. So nah u carry this my pen.. Nd I don dy find am since.. Chai.. This boy oh.. God don catch u😂😂😂😂


Idiot... De fool your self for steemjet. .
How you take forget your pen for my house... Nash

Awesome my friend!!

I want you to know that, there is no limit to what you can achieve!!!
Start cleaning IMPOSSIBILITY from where you started writing it one word at a time, you will meet POSSIBILITY.
Don't stop, it is POSSIBLE!
Good Luck.

As kids, we all had some talents, then the hustle and bustle of life made of forgot those funny skills. I'm sure most of us will relate to this photo. Cheers Mon, this is awesome.


Lol... Thanks alot @steemjet

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