Steemjet Untalented Contest 1

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Hello citizens of the cryptospace.
How are you today?
This is a time to have some fun, to distract yourself from the challenging situation in the crypto market for the fallen shall rise again.

Steemjet has been a great supporter of talents in the Steem community. We believe that everyone has a talent and on Steemjet, everyone is a winner. But how true is this statement when you can't sing or dance or make an art design to compete with others? Truth is, you can't win. Therefore, today we've put together something for everyone so we can have fun and Steem bath everyone at the same time. So here is

Steemjetuntalented Contest

STEEMJET photo.png

You might not have been good in art, music, movies, dancing and other talented activities. Don't worry, we'll not judge you based on how good you are but we just want you to express yourself in any form of art.

This contest initiative was birthed in a collaboration between the Steemjet pilot and Steemjet director of art. This is in response to many people complain of the market situation. We want to prove that the crypto dip will not affect our happiness, so we catch fun while others complain.

This is how it goes.

Make a post of your untalented skills

  • untalented dance
  • untalented singing
  • untalented art.. (design, drawing, painting etc)
  • untalented sports skills
  • untalented spoken words
  • untalented writing
  • untalented anything

How do I participate?

No more talking, grab your gears and show us what you got. For more details, check @steemjetnewbies blog post here

SteemjetUntalented: Everyone is a winner.

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First entry. Congratulations.

I think this contest is a great idea to get rid of all the stress and make some fun artwork, at least in my case, I suck at drawing. I could draw a picture, so that I could show it to the whole STEEMIT community, just like anyone else could join me in this idea. All SteemJet contests are great and encourage anyone to enter!

@steemjet, First of all i want to appreciate your initiative because, you gave an opportunity of exposure no matter who have interest in what subject and i can say that it's an one push towards the Expansion of creativity.

Currently for sure market reflecting an situation of crisis, and many are leaving too but the most important aspect is, we have to support this community in any possible way and i believe that in tough times an great communities can develop.

And many Steemians are trying in their possible way to increase the Engagement Levels in this tough time, and that's really appreciable and for sure we all can grow together and travel together long if we stood strong.

Currently prices are not the Motivational aspect but in my opinion we have to find motivation to continue, and i think Hardfork 20 and SMT*Announcements are motivational aspects, and i think we are moving towards the exciting times.

I am up for this contest and soon i will share my post.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂

i am surely in for this one
i cant sing
i cant dance
i cant design
but i sure no how to talk and i must try any of the things i have not done before.....

thanks for the opportunity

Good step to smile on faces... for those are never in good in art is a great step.
Steemjet always have dano welll for steemit commniry

Good idea to put faces on everubody. Thanks for that. This is great innitiative
Steemjet done well in past.. and now another great step. Steemjet is for everyone

Steemjet Bangladesh Community prepared for the upcoming program in the school....

Bangladesh is the poor country. But there are large population. Many people are illiterate for the cause of financial problem.. So me/ @applo and @mdnazmulhasan decide we learn graphics design and crypto tranning to the bangladeshi people..

@dimimp BosS Now immediate Steemjet Bangladesh Community need 500 Steem for our program?








Thank you for read this post!!!

Ohhhh wao such a beautiful idea for untalented person...i totally appriciate for your post....everybody happy to see this Amazing post... Very good step....steemit always done very wonderful work......thanks for sharing.

Will give it a try , "untalented" good caption

Wao.a great's a brilliant idea like a fresh air.

Oh oh! I just dropped my untalented post.
Nice one boss

Sounds like fun


yeah baby it is ooooo

Wow! This is a great opportunity for the untalented one's like me.
I will certainly participate

wow! Finally o got a spot here. I can't wait to show how untalented I could be. Hurray! Sending my entry soon.


Make a post and use #steemjetuntalented as your first tag to get your rewards ... Good luck.

This is a good initiative to put smile on everybody's face

This account is steemjet bangladesh community

We all have something to show, be it in dance, singing, drawing, writing. But there are some that stand out more than another. I congratulate you on the initiative of this contest.

  ·  2년 전

I'm sory

sorry msybe i wrong place,, question ... can I take a steemjet contest using Indonesian, because I can't speak English

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  ·  2년 전

I really like this @steemjet community. Thank you very much @steemjet.
Hopefully this @steemjet community will run smoothly.

This is one of the most brilliant ideas I've witnessed in my entire duration on steemit. Thank you for coming up with it, @steemjet.

Amazing indeed..
Can't wait to give a try

Thank you very much, @ steemjet, I hope this community will run smoothly.

@steemjet, Thank you so much for your opportunity and keep up this great work. And as said, kindly find my piece below for this contest.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂