What is SteemKnights, and why did I deposit 10 Steem already into it ?

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Well first of all this is not a financial advice blog, it's just my oppinion on things, and how I decided to spend my steem.

So, SteemKnights

What is this Steem Knights ?

It's an upcoming game, that I personally am really excited about.
They have an official Teaser up on youtube, if you would like to watch that.

From the teaser I see that the game is kinda based on the famous game Chess, and they have added a kind of an Rock, Paper, Scissors mechanic, so it should be pretty interesting to play the game.

Currently on their Website they have alot of important information about the upcoming game.
When you firstly arrive on the website you will see the games logo, aswell as a menu bar on the top left, and a "login" button on the top right (I suggest you just log in).

You can operate the site by clicking on the menu bar or just simply scorlling, I myself like to scroll.
Also if you click on your profile picture, this will pop up

As you can see they are advertising that if you deposit 10 steem before the launch (which by the time of posting is in 2 Days and 14 hours, You can see it by clicking "play now" on the main screen) you will be getting a free blessing.
So that's exactly why I have deposited 10 steem, as you can see by my balance.
Currently I am not sure what the other things are, well obviously I know what "Wins" will be for, and what "Next Payout" will be for, but I am not sure what the "Loyality" and "Knights Emblems" will be for. Also no clue what the blessing are yet. but I guess it wouldn't hurt to invest this 10 steem and find out :)

The Menu Bar
pilt.png How to play
Pretty self explanatory page
pilt.png Battle Rules
And as I said before, this explains how the "RPS" mechanic works in this game.
pilt.png How to Earn
This page explains how you can earn steem from this game, and what the "Loyality" and "Emblems" are. Also this explains how to earn the emblems, and how does the referrals system work (BTW Use my link if you want to support me :) Steem Knights
pilt.png Referrer system
This is just a little more detailed explanation of the referrer system for Steem Knights
pilt.png Why Blockchain ?
Here they explain that basically blockchain is really transparent, and that's why they chose to do their project here.
Roadmap is where they say what their future plans are. Definetaly interesting to see.

And all of this very soon, so be ready, and have your 10 Steem deposited. pilt.png

Thank you for reading my post, I hope it wasn't too much of an hassle to understand the mess that I wrote, and if you have any questions leave them below.

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I am ready to test it and hope it's another Steem Monsters, in that it becomes popular and grows well. Just need to help promote it if we feel it deserves it, which I am sure it does. :D

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I tried to post this but it isn't my phone isn't compatible. I'm currently mobile only so I'll have to wait to check it out when i can access the interwebs via my pc again.