Startup Database Says “No One should Facilitate Startups” How this completely fails the world.



As a CleanTech Hardware Startup, our main challenge is raising the 2.6 Million for our Seedround we need. We can profit in 6 ways with this money, profit early as in under 6 months, definitely in under year, and are already tabled for an IPO post-Seedround. If there was ever a unicorn in the making, we are it.

We have as of today, 3,033 Breakthrough CleanEnergy technologies & are #1 on practically every level technology speaking across most energy spaces. We’re a Startup Investor’s dream. Our business is designed to be Stable, reliable, dependable, a real economy business model, safe, secure, with a huge client backlog we can capitalize on if we get the funding.

So, after 4+ years of grinding, pitching & exhibiting, like the majority of Cleantech innovators, we still have not raised. What went wrong?

Firstly the seemingly global perception that high quality startups or great tech always gets funding, is completely not reality on any level. If there was ever a walking litmus test of such, we are certainly it. In fact, not even 1 Startup in 10,000 ever gets a deal in their entire lifetime. 10 million businesses a year start, and only 20,000 deals a year occur. Most of those are to the same companies, with many getting 20 deals (4–5 in a round x 5 rounds etc) meaning 20 more don’t get a deal at all. THIS is the reality we live in, not the prior. If you think otherwise, you have never tried to raise, and never looked at the statistics of it even one single time, nor have been to any raise events. It's just not reality at any level that supposedly all good tech, startups, or innovators will get the deal they need to build their product.

4+ BILLION people around the world don’t have access to secure basic electric related services, yet we have 3,033 Breakthrough CleanEnergy techs, #1 in nearly every class. I know 49 other innovators like myself, none of whom have ever had a deal, and all of them have been doing this 10+ years unlike myself.

So why is the founder of a startup platform with 61,000 startups on it saying:
“I don’t think anyone should facilitate startups. Only the founder could save their own startup I guess.”

His platform doesn’t track deals. It doesn’t have any raises for the startups, it doesn’t promote them other than the startup posting there, it doesn’t even know if the startups are alive or dead, nor if they have ever been funded or not. They do no charity, they don’t help the undeveloped world, they aren't Impact nor socent focused & they aren’t driving investors to the platform. It’s 100% passive. (though we get to post there)

He is wrong on so many levels. He comes from a “richest 21 cities on earth startup market” where there is news every day about Deals to billion dollar so called “Startups”. The problem is usually those aren't startups at all. Of course any Startup that has a profit, OR has been funded with 10+ million dollars & could stop the grow at all costs model and make a profitable business, IS NOT A STARTUP. They have GRADUATED from Startup and are now a successful profitable company.

If we had been properly facilitated, we of course would have raised years ago. But instead, Over 50 MILLION people are DEAD just from breathing since I began my Startup. I re-founded it from my family’s efforts before me when the last of them were killed. They never got a deal either. They had the best Hydrogen car technology in history & were dating Honda & Mercedes Benz for 3 years. They never gave a dollar of help.

I can not agree that Startups should not be facilitated, in fact nothing could be more wrong in this world and in this life. It is in fact, MINIMUM RESPONSIBILITY of government to facilitate Startups. It is the MINIMUM RESPONSIBILITY of all Chambers of Commerce, think tanks, climate orgs, in fact all citizens of society, for they are the source of all new jobs, for them, their families, their children, the very future of everything.

95% of the economy is not IT based. Though ordering and payments become done more and more over IT basis, we are all still buying hard manufactured goods and services that need people. $200,000 Industrial machines don’t code themselves for free out of the thin air in the nighttime after a dayjob to pay the bills. Several of them don’t up and magically appear so the Startup can get to profit.

Finding Investors for such important technology for the entire world should NEVER be left only to a Startup founder. The government has a fundamental ethical responsibility to make sure job growth happens, new technologies get to market, are developed, financed, and their makers are supported. It is amazing how everyone doesn’t automatically get this.

He then asked us if we have a big following on social media. But of course it is basic sense that any unfunded Startup will of course NOT have a big following, as if they did they would be funded already or would have asked them. Most Cleantechs & industry startups & B2B Startups will not have much of a “following” at all, as they are not consumer oriented. They need one big industrial account and often that can be it. Once they can finally build to max the demand of that industrial client, they can easily get another one by just going next door and saying, “we’re doing x for y successfully and we can help you also” It’s not the business model where you need to sell 50 million pair of pants just to meet payroll at the end of the week. It’s criminal how so many consumer brains just don’t get this.

Probably unfortunately what happens for us, like all other Cleantech Startups practically, is we will have to get funding first, then build up a ways, then everyone will come to chase, not before. We will have to BUY a following, with investor money. We will have to BUY media, BUY promotion, and BUY a following. But once we are commercialized, and then do that, our following would explode. There is just one problem with that. We don’t have anything to sell 50 million consumers, we make Industrial Machines for big companies.

We don’t need a following, and the bigger that gets, the harder to manage it becomes & the more costly. Our business would be far better run in permanent door to door B2B stealth, financed by banks, like practically every medium sized profitable stable industry business.

Turn to Crowdfunding someone said. But again crowdfunding is usually open source consumer gadgets. We are closed source Industrial & commercial tech. The crowdfunding platforms don’t respect closed IP, nor do they have really any record of success raising for anything but consumer product. Most don't even allow industrial. Most don't allow 2nd world nations let alone third.

Our business and model is the most quality and most needed in all human history, but, our model is also the hardest thing to raise for in all humanity at the early stages. We are the litmus test for all to see. 3,033 Techs, #1 in a huge and growing number of metrics. No one can be found that wants to facilitate. Ignored by 300+ Climate Orgs, all dev orgs, all government officials though they all want our services when we do get funding. Instead of balking, investors should see a giant vaccum. Most are so hapless and useless that they don't understand real economy industry. Result? 50 million are DEAD and we could be a deca-billion dollar company already, but we're still pre-seed.

There obviously is a massive lack of real leadership in the world right now where no one is actually facilitating startups. Endless so called marketers are demanding pay up front but do no facilitation & take their money on the back. Even the crowdfunding platforms are fairly useless in that they do no marketing to their investors to get eyes on your project, it’s merely a post it board and if you have $500 for a website you should skip the extra thousands of dollars of cost of a Crowdfunding platform since you have to buy all the marketing yourself anyway, and you won’t get any extra eyes from their marketing.

In fact I just spoke to 3 of these marketers yesterday. They are all the same exact useless copies of each other. All demand pay to play, none of them actually believe in their services enough to do a back end deal, none have any guarantees, and few have any real credibility nor platforms to see results from the spend. How utterly pathetic. There is a massive vaccum in the marketing space and an entire industry that doesn’t exist called “Startup Investment Facilitation” This should be the most vibrant industry in the world. There are 10+ MILLION clients each year, new businesses that will explode if facilitated, but that no one wants to help nor touch. It’s lunacy. Its governmental incompetence one can not even imagine. The globalists are intent on keeping it this way also. They have been presented with this endless times, but competition is not their intention. They want huge centralization & power & all the money into the middle, control & taxation.

This is a Crazy backwards lack of leadership leaving a huge hole in the market and a big problem left unsolved that is easily solvable with capital.

If no one is facilitating them, they will never get the funds to be able to commercialize. Right now every technology we could ever need is out there among the innovators and no one is helping them. The incredible economy we all want to have is out there, and everyone is avoiding supporting it & the founders.

For example, anyone with new tech for hardware or industry, or anything that takes more than coding, all those are left in the early stage with no funds to be able to build a business. The vast majority of startups are like this. With no facilitation we have high unemployment around the world, and corruption and anti-trust anti-consumer monopoly instead of distribution of opportunity, and a vibrant jobs, technology, and consumer market.

This is the exact reason 4 BILLION people have no electricity. Why would you ever think that zero facilitation could ever be a good idea as Billions have no electricity and it’s kept like this only for the reason that there is no facilitation?

We are 4 years + without an investor, and already we were ready to manufacture from day 1, post R&D. We can’t commercialize without the capital. Some trolls and absolute morons are even calling us a scam because we are raising without the machine having magically dropped from the sky into our laps first for free. Many say MVP MVP MVP! But of course you can’t code Steel & precious metals purchases into existence over some drunken 54 hour hack at a day camp for highschoolers that doesn't even videotape it nor ever send it to any REAL investors.

I know 49 others like us, Cleantech innovators, that have been grinding for 10+ years. Not one of them ever got a dollar but me. No one. Not one dollar.

This means #1 CleanEnergy tech startups cant get a deal nor support, like us with 3,033 techs, also the much needed #1 cookstove, the much needed #1 waste to energy tech, the much needed best in world power generators, EV techs, electric plane techs, water creation techs, on and on and on.


We just got the decline letter from “Ashoka Changemakers” who decided that 3,033 solutions to ClimateChange & Electricity for the 4+ Billion humans without any, apparently isn’t the Change they want for the world.

Nothing is more simple than a decision to facilitate a Startup or innovator like AOE. NOTHING IS MORE BASIC. Nothing is more a litmus test of basic cognitive functional ability.

The innovator with the #1 hydro tech on earth also he hasn’t ever been given $1 and he has been teaching his tech for 18 years. He even won the Geneva convention awards, TWICE. Not one dollar. We don’t need facilitation? No, we don’t need anything to do with Startup marketing that ISN’T facilitation.

IF there was facilitation, in FACT no one would even be talking about climate change, air pollution, plastic pollution, nor most of the other SDG goals. We have solved it, we only need the money.

Entire countries have never had a single startup deal yet. It’s 2,019 and Cambodia has NEVER had a deal. Antigua&Barbuda also has no deals on record anywhere for example. They have a huge energy, water, sanitation problem, housing, infrastructure, roads, transport, tourism development, etc. You can’t code any of that. Plenty of little startups, a few daycamps, no facilitation to investors.

Cambodia has BILLIONS a year in NGO money, no deals. Not one, not ever. Apparently this Startup database founder likes very much the idea of tens of millions suffering without electricity and the jobs and opportunity and health that come with it. He doesn’t give a shit, he is after bitches and lambos in the top 21 richest places on earth. Humanity? F em he probably says. You can find such quotes online easily from many many coding startups.

screen of 92.png

Of course its the minimum ethical responsibility for governments to fund the creation of new businesses to successful level to create new jobs, industries and tech use, not to leave it alone as they do now. This is Minimum responsibility to the people. We don’t need a GreenNewDeal, we need a StartupFacilitation&Investment deal. 5% of GDP, 20 Trillion globally, $250,000 a startup, less to coding, more to industry & hard economy.

So… who’s facilitating us? Who is referring investors? Who is sponsoring? Who is doing ANYTHING to help this get to the market, that isn’t corrupt up front pay to play?

Let me know, 8 BILLION people, are waiting, and dying.

“We Changed The World!!”

Alpha Omega Energy
CCTWO - Chief Engineer 3,033 New Energy and Energy Related Technologies. Small Private Innovator of Change. #1 In Breakthrough Energy Solutions. Charge It All!!
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