A proper steemleo account


I have noticed it for a while now and I feel that the difference in voting power between my main account and the amount of steemleo I have is to big so I have created @felander.leo

This account will be using my steemleo voting power to vote on specific investing and financial posts straight on the steemleo tribe.

There are 3 distinct reasons for me to do this.

  • I have a personal interest in the topic of investing, crypto, and finances. I avidly follow realvision and am slowly learning my way around
  • steemleo is the only tribe token that is holding its own and even growing in value versus steem.
  • I want to build up some passive income through investing and read up as much as I can (FIRE movement)

It seems that this is one of the tribes that has the most going for it since there are a lot of things going on that set them apart and that allows for a good service.

  • I really like the tickers on top of the screen (especially if they are all green)
  • I have read that there are more innovations coming, even a marketplace.
  • If the token has no use it will not be used and hence will only devaluate like PAL and so many others.

Screenshot 2019-10-14 18.59.03.png

I have started powering down all my LEOMM from my main account and this is the first batch to come through and am also undelegating the leo that was distributed on other alts.

Everything will be sent to my main leo voting account and will be used for curation and commenting accidentally while I will still write my posts on this account to avoid confusion.

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That is a good plan, have you thought to do something similar for staking neoxag, it is very popular, and as I see you are using the tag and you have some staked??


I keep it staked because there seems to be a bit of action on there but the token value is not something that would encourage me to make the extra effort just yet :-)


Ok, when you find some time drop by in their Discord, place is active 24/7, one of a few reason why I am there is because it is fun.

Thanks for posting from https://steemleo.com 🦁

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