Why I bought so many Leomm


After having the idea of buying the remaining Leomegaminers for a week and making countless lists of the pros and cons I want to share my thoughts why I pulled the trigger yesterday.

Let`s start with

The pros


The mega miners were sold with a 25% discount compared to the usual miners. Which means I don`t see them falling under the price of 6 Steem as long as there is interest in Leo and there are people who want to generate a passive income. Quite the opposite: to buy the mining power of one mega miner you have to spend 8 Steem now. So I could make a better offer than the usual market price and still make a profit.

Passive income

I have to do nothing. They do what their name implies and mega mine Leo tokens. I am lazy and sometimes this lazy that I don`t post or even curate. I dont have to worry about optimal curating times or come up with something to post about and worry how the post is doing.

Double dip

The money I put into the miners is not gone or spend it is parked. For the time it is parked it creates another asset I can use actively with curating which creates more.


I like tribes and I think the tribes with cater for a niche are very interesting. I listened to a podcast about tribes and especially Steemleo and was impressed. The amount of burned tokens and miners speaks for itself.

The cons

Mining power

While you can just open a mining farm for BTC and no other farm can deny your participation in the network and hashpower is just growing and the "only" limiting factor to how much hashpower you can create is how much equipment and electricity you can afford, Leo miners have a limited amount of hashpower.

Mining is pretty much the opposite to holding the coin/token. If you hold the asset you want everyone getting in after you to fill your bags.

With mining you want no one coming in after you as you have to share the rewards. The dream scenario would be you holding the only active miner.

This being said there are still a lot of normal miners on the market so the ROI I was calculating is not set in stone by no means.


The liquidity is low. If I wanted to sell I have to have a long time frame or I need to make them so cheap it is hard to resist the offer which probably means selling with a loss. While my average price gets pulled down constantly through the mining without selling I there are some events which cant be really calculated and I was thinking to be even it will take me around 3 years.


Investing into Steem alone is kind of risky. Investing into tribes I think is even more risky. While I am impressed by the Steemleo community and its leaders no one can say what Steem and tribes will look like in a couple of years.

Ongoing investment

To keep up with increasing "hashpower" more miners have to be bought. While it can be a one and done investment it might need some funds every now and then.

I felt a bit sick in my stomach when I was clicking the buy button but for me the pros made up for the cons. Time will tell if I am a fool.

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Nice job!

I responded about this to the post by @rollandthomas, but I just want to say way to go!

I am envious and you single-handedly punished me for my procrastination in buying more LEOMM. At least I won't be buying them at < 6 STEEM :-)

Enjoy the LEO!!

I do think you will not be sorry, but that is just an opinion. Main reason I bought so many was my laziness. I thought LEO is great, why not get a passive source ;-)

Time will tell if it pays off for us, but I think the chances are at least fair to middling.

Now to decide about LEOM. Obviously, I may need to not procrastinate this time :-0


I am curious how people will react and if leominer will get some love.

I would assume not this fast as people (me included) dont want to pay 25% more compared what the asset was 1 day ago.

Which from my perspective is another pro. On the other hand I could be completly wrong about this and what seems a lot today is nothing tomorrow.

I am not sure what I will do with the normal miners and I think my best bet is to wait and see for now.

I ve read the post of @rollandthomas and yes it is negative as the rewards get shared through more miners now but at the same time the miners got a boost in price so it is not all bad imo

oh so you pulled that trigger damm big investment that was but anyways it was in the right direction for sure having seeing many tribes as of now i think leo is the only one in which users are playing the role the staking alone blows my mind away if you look the stats anyways but my fear is the liquidity as it has not much daily volume other wise all good



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You thinking this is the bottom? If so then plenty of upside, I think Steem can still drop a little lower and so too its various tokens. I'm happy with my current stake but if prices go lower i'll jump in big. Will continue to add small amounts each month as I see them


$ wise I dont know

STEEM wise I dont see them selling under 6 Steem.

So I dont "care" ( I do but it does not make the investment bad ) about the Steem/Leo price

  ·  작년

I always try to think in pro and cons :)
Great writing from you. About the con on the mining power .... true with more miners activated the less the share of the current once, but on the other hand they will probably push the price of the miners up. So its con and pro at the same time :).


Thank you.

It is true it is not this black and white and most of the points go somewhat hand in hand but I that is a bit harder to right.

Fe as I wrote I dont see that the miners will be sold in bulk under 6 Steem and as long as Leo holds at least some value I dont have to be so concerned about the Steem/Leo price but this pro gets countered by very small volume for the miners which is only a problem if I would be in a rush to sell.

At one point I loose myself in this train of thoughts

I think you made a pretty good move. Besides Steem Monsters tokens and SPORTS, the only other Steem-engine token I’m interested in And have good potential is LEO.


I am a bit in some other tribes but I pretty much agree

I would not worry at this level we have Huge Upside...........


I am always a bit worried when I get a new bag of something but that is pretty normal for me

The biggest risk with these miners is needed to get rid of them quick.

6 steem sounds like quite the bargain though and if that has been the price recently I've definitely been missing out.

The only thing I struggle with is you can just invest in LEO directly and then just get the passive rewards through delegation or curation which is the largest struggle for me as the SteemLeo token is much more liquid than the miners.


You earn faster if you buy LEO directly but with miners you can also delegate/curate it takes some time till the miners catch up to the amount of LEO you could have bought instead of the miners. I calculated roughly 30 months till the miners catch up.


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