Our Investment: We Will Try to Help as Much as for the Steemit Community

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Hello Steem-ians!

How are you today?

Our apologies as we have been busy trying to reorganise our storage and at the same time trying to find more companies who practices CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) that we have been very tied up from writing full articles.

However we have been told that recently there have been a surmounting new startups of different tokens that is running on the Steem blockchain ever since the steem-engine started running, and we hope that whatever we have (without jeopardizing our SP that is supporting other fundition communities that we have been auto following) we decided to take a look at the steem-engine website.

We have been supporting @qurator 's initiative for a while now and to our delight, we have some Q-Tokens in our accounts, but according to @littlenewthings these tokens currently are just like bonds for incentives and supporting our own content; but there are a few new social sites that links with the steem blockchain such as this website we are writing from, @steemleo we are going to try to support a few that we can afford with a little of 5 steem we had.

1% of all the in-comings and out-goings

Every site needs something to maintain their sites and we totally understand the deposit and withdrawal fee that has been imposed on the steem-engine site in order to keep its operations afloat; so with the little we had, we picked up a few that we could have helped.

Our first 2 choices to support on the Steemit community initiatives:

Besides the QToken, we have decided to support these two initiatives at the moment because:

  • Palnet has been in the Steemit community long enough
  • Sports seemed to be picking up very quickly and we hope that @fundition supported accounts will be talking a lot more about sports initiatives especially those who are supporting children to exercise more.

To survive doesn't mean we need to forego health, and engaging with sports is one of them. I think even as simple as the village sports played by children like racing (in running) while balancing a wheel frame can be a good article to read.

In our ministry side we have started sports ministry to support young keep their minds healthy with proper workouts and this has been fruitful. So with Sports initiative we hope that people can incorporate charity into it.

We can't do much with palnet as we couldn't get enough to upvote a decent 1 PAL but we heard we could delegate it. So we have decided to delegate one of the accounts that is trailing community upvotes , @dses in order for that account to gain strength.

The model of "Charitable Investment" that this account has tried starting is slowly gaining its strength although it always tries to keep its VP above 80% so that whatever posts that were supported could at least get something. Even though the returns is hardly anything yet but @dses has been getting real life donors to buy up our SBD and they are earning tiny bits of dividens (via curator rewards) daily.

I think it's still workable for the long run.

In the mean time our account still trails on @steemchurch, @fundition, @adollaraday, @steembasicincome and we just added @aid.venezuela into our list of fanbase. As long as our VP is above 90% and there's a post within the day our account will support it.

Sometimes investment doesn't need to just be monetary. If we can help other communities as well I think that's still worth an investment without looking at ROI.

Let's see how things work out. Maybe we can tweak it a little later when we gain more monetary. At the moment one of our air-condition that keeps the storage bin cool especially during food packing is broken and we have to now save up for that repair before the food in our storage gets spoiled because of the hot and humid weather in Malaysia.

Angie Ng

Daily Bread Food Bank Director
disclosure: Daily Bread Food Bank one of the non-profit channel under the LCS (Life Community Service) ministry.
To know who we are, please do read through our introduction here in Steemit

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