LEO Syndication Authors Report

2년 전

This is a second report for the LEO Syndicated Authors. Almost two months have passed from the last one, and it’s time to check again how are the syndicated authors and accounts doing. The LEO syndication program started on August 13th as a Steemleo strategy to onboard new users.


In the last two months the @leo.voter gained SP power allowing it to support syndicated authors. In general this program has been ramped up with more syndicated posts coming each day. The Steemleo community has also being supportive to the initiative voting on the syndicated content.

How does the Syndication process work?

A short explanation from the announcement post:

  1. Find a high-quality investment author on a "traditional" social media site (i.e. Seeking Alpha)
  2. Create a Steem account for this author
  3. Syndicate content from this author's blog onto the official syndication account we have created: @leo.syndication
  4. Set the author as the beneficiary to the rewards received from their syndicated content
  5. Unleash the power of the community by continually reaching out to the author, linking the account we've created in their name and showing them that they have crypto sitting in there from the content they've created in the past
  6. The author reaches out to the Steemleo team via Discord or Twitter to verify their identity and claim the account
  7. We show them the ropes (if they're interested) of how Steem & Steemleo works and how they can directly publish their content on the blockchain and earn rewards
  8. New content creators flood the blockchain and potentially bring a portion of their audience along with them

Rinse and repeat 1,000 times.

So basically, it is sort of cross posting a high-quality authors, giving them all the credits, link to the original content and on top of it, a reward in form of cryptocurrency. This high-quality authors can than claim their account and rewards and start using the platform bringing a lot of traffic with them

Number of Authors and Posts Syndicated

From the start of the program until now there is a total of 179 syndicated posts trough the @leo.syndication account. You can find them all on the account. A lot of these posts are quite educational and informative and are highly recommended to read.
Slowly getting to the 1000 mark 😊.

A total of 17 authors have been syndicated till this date.

Here is the table for the number of posts and value for all of them.
The data extracted is till December 16th.

NoSyndicated AuthorsSyndicated PostsLEOSTEEMDollar Value

Note: The LEO and STEEM are round up for better visibility and the dollar value is calculated with steem price at 0,13$ and LEO price at 0.2 STEEM.

The top syndicated author @bradthomas has around 84$ on his account in LEO and STEEM tokens. Having in mind the bear market and low prices these days this is nice amount. It should be noted that in the last report all the syndicated authors had less than 10$ on their accounts.

Here is the table from the last report, from October 20th

NoSyndicated AuthorsSyndicated PostsLEOSTEEMDollar Value

Going from below 10$ to almost 100$ in two months is a nice and steady growth. This will only continue in time and if the price of STEEM and LEO goes up it will be quite attractive for this authors to claim their account and start posting on the Steemleo platform.

We hope that will be a prof for them that this new technology works, and they will find there place here.

Community support

In general, the Steemleo community has shown a great support for this program and the posts from the syndicated authors are almost regularly on the Steemleo trending page. We are grateful for that.

We highly recommend to put the @leo.syndication to your autovote and support the effort of onboarding new users to the Steemleo platform and the steem blockchain as a whole. Having some of these authors here will do a lot in recognizing the Steemleo platform and Steem blockchain for their real world usage and spreading the world to the masses.

#steemleo - A Next-Generation Community for Investors


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Report by @dalz

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This is indeed very good to see but the big question is: have any of these authors given a sign of life and contacted you?
I really enjoy a lot of the articles and have learned a lot from them but it would be even better if they took control of their account and had some interaction


As stated in the announcement posts that is the goal.
After while when their accounts have some nice stake to reach them and try to get them here.


I agree, it would be a lot better if we could get more engagement from these authors. We're continually tweeting at them and commenting on their articles elsewhere but we are playing a long-game with it and trying to get the Steemleo name in front of them first, have a few interactions and then ultimately make the approach about taking over their account and claiming their crypto that is in it.

So far, we've gotten 1 author to "claim" their account, but getting them to actually use it has become a whole new ball game.

Wow awesome info. The syndication has definitely added value to my life by way of how I think about dividend companies and validating what I see on the charts or don't see on the charts and has introduced me to companies I have never heard of before that I now target for potential buys.


Yes ... those posts can be quite educational :)

This idea is great. Just need more marketing person to work on them more and do the follow up so the goal is reached.