Daily Free Upvote for Leo Community with 27k + Leo power. 10 July 2019

2년 전

I have received a huge free airdrop from SteemLeo, 27k + Leo Power.

I want to return my 100% Leo Power to the Community and will use my 100 upvoting power to Steemleo friends.

Here are my guides.

  1. Follow me @megavest.

  2. Upvote me at least 1% with your power(option)
    / I want to cancel this guide.
    You will not see this one from tomorrow post.
    Don't have to upvote this post.

  3. Leave a link below that you produced.
    Must be the topic that is in line with Steem Leo community.

If there are 10 links, then, I will upvote with 100% voting power each

If there are 20 links, then, I will upvote with 50% voting power each.

If there are more than 20 people who want to get an upvote from me
I will divide manually and upvote their posts.

If there are more than 30 links, then,
I will not vote for my daily posts myself
and return to vote to the all steemleo friend posts,
since then there might be many steemleo friends who know my guide lines.

I will post this everyday as possible,
if you are interested in my upvote, leave your post link everyday.

If you don't find my daily post to put your post link ,
then leave your link to my latest post.

And I will also enjoy reading your posts.

Enjoy and happy life in Steem Leo Community!
And Thank you @khaleelkazi for free airdrop!

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Hello, there is my vlog about my trading day

@megavest, this isn't the content we are looking for on Steemleo. Can you please follow the guidelines of writing high-quality investment content?

Having these daily posts that say the same thing repeatedly is not what we are looking for. We had a chat with Steem Basic Income about the same thing and they agreed with this:

They can post under #steemleo only when their content has new and relevant data to the investing community. SBI fits this description of having value for investors who want to read that content as it shows them the performance of SBI through data and other means and they also complied additionally by adding a special addendum to their posts talking about tag usage.

We hope you understand and we hope you continue to support the platform through curation and posting original investing content that is high quality. If you have any other questions, feel free to drop a comment in our tech-support channel on Discord or reply to this comment and we'll get back to you. Thanks.

note that a flag from the @noleo4u account will result in only a decrease of your LEO rewards and not the rewards of any other associated tokens.

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Hi @megavest! Here I am! I'm new in steemleo, still trying to understand the "main line of posts" but trying to do my best :) cheers and thanks!

Hi, not sure if you still doing this but here is a link to one of my latest posts


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