Piggericks - My Journey of 50 USD investment

4개월 전

To invest money in new games is a huge risk. I know that. But also , it is fun and excitning to see how the devs doing the game better and better.

Some years ago I invested in Steemmonsters and that was pretty good money. Special for the Kickstarter-campaings. So - can Piggericks be a good investment or not?

With blogpost with this banner (se above) I will tell you about my investment and if it is good or bad.

I invested 50USD during the presale to get most from the money. I did get more in-game currency and more pigs.That was the first step.

I am blogging about this game and join a lot of piggy-contest. So far it has giving me 60 Hive back.

Money so far
MONEY JUST NOW - I have got some bonuspigs and some ingame money buy playing. BUT as far as I do not know how to convert this to Hive I will not calculate it as money. But I have won some contest. So far it is like this:
WON in contest : 60 Hive = 12 USD

Follow - Upvoe - Rehive
I invested 50 USD to this game in the beginning. So will I loose the money or will the pigs make me a millionaire? Follow me and I will tell you my steps in this game in my blog.



Start the game
Just go to https://piggericks.com/
Please use my name as refereal Minimining

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  • You have to follow the blog to see contest and a lot of good stuff

How to play
Game Tactic
More? Just tell me and I will put more links here

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