Lions & Lotuses: Trading on SteemLeo Dex [Plus, An Enticing Burn!]

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Gotta love a lion! SteemLeo is a fave tribe of ours as what they're doing to make an amazing interface that has the potential to onboard users is super inspiring. A few weeks back, when they announced their DEX, we jumped at the chance. Though we've had LOTUS listed on SteemLeo Dex for weeks now, we kinda forgot to tell you all about it. And we need to, because by buying LOTUS here, you actually support the LOTUS economy.


To get to SteemLeo DEX, all you need to do is click on the link in the right hand column of, accessed via the hamburger menu, and log in to SteemLeo with the exact same key you'd log into ANY Steem front end. From there, you're good to go!


Or, you can just click on the link below and save it on your bookmarks bar! Too easy! If you're using KEYCHAIN it's even easier - you don't need to worry about logging in every time.

Now, you can buy and sell LOTUS! It's pretty self explanatory. You can see all the open orders and the rising price of LOTUS too. Woo hoo! There's a little bit more detail about this in this post, but we reckon it's so sweet and simple that even a lion with big clumsy paws could figure it out!


What we really like is that we can easily and quickly flip between 'rewards' and 'market' and so on across the top menu. I can see all my tokens there too and claim them all at once if I like.


Pretty cool huh??? Give it a go - buy some LOTUS on the market, and let us know how easy it was in the comments! All comments will be upvoted and we'll burn 100 LOTUS for the first 10 people to try it and comment about their experience below.

Oh, and again - speaking of LOTUS burns - Steemleo are burning any LOTUS made from trading on their platform! They say, in this post:

We've decided to have the account distribute the fees evenly to each token that has been listed on the SteemLeo DEX by buying their respective token at market price and burning it to @null.

So every time you buy LOTUS here, you're helping the LOTUS ecosystem! Cool huh!


Oh, and if you're wondering what tags to curate? Our curators look at most of these tags and much more! Check out for a full list of supported tags.

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Well I tried it out - buying LOTUS on the SteemLeo platform. I used Keychain which made it simplier.
I have bought ECO coins before on SteemEngine so I have bought coins before. I'm still a little confused for picking your price but I fiddled around and got a purchase to go thorugh.
I staked my LOTUS too while I was there!


Awesome! We will burn 100 in your honour! Did you find it easy enough?


Because of your post on buying Lotus on Steemengine I had previously perchased coins so that made it easier but I still have some confusion about what price to pay - I think just studying the charts a bit more would probably help.

Thanks for the support. I will try the dex.


Let us know how you go and what you think of it! xx

Nearly all of this post went straight over my head LOL. Probably a second luddite dumbed down version might be in order soon. LOL.

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Ah, @artemislives, there's the rub - follow the bit you DO get (click on link, sign in, find the DEX!) then use your cleverness to figure out the rest! When you get stuck, let us know. You get the bonus of learning something new, and the lotus burn (which simply means the supply is reduced, which is a good thing = less is more, in token world!).

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