Berkshire Hathaway, A Valuable Sleeper

2년 전

Hello everyone, Happy Monday! I'm back and wanted to talk about the Dividend Growth Stock Portfolio I am trying to build right now. I've just recently added a new, extremely valuable stock to my portfolio, Berkshire Hathaway BABY!! Not only is this company ran by one the worlds most successful businessman, Warren Buffet, but the amount of profit this company generates is outrageous. Check out below, I just put this buy through yesterday:

As you can see, I purchased one of the B Stocks right around $218.00 bucks. Let me explain a little about why I bought this stock. I have some top secret, inside knowledge that Warren Buffet loves Dividends and most likely turns quite a profit with his holdings. Along with many others, I believe that Berkshire Hathaway will begin paying out a Dividend to its Shareholders at some point in time.

The other reasons I picked up the Stock... Well check out the Headlines below:

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That insider info is very key... Warren Buffet lowkey loves dividends


Thanks for reading man!


Thanks for reading!