# 648 - 1884-O Morgan Dollar


Today we will continue a long series showing unslabbed Morgan Dollars.

This series is dedicated to my #ssg-community friend @silverd510, a real expert in this field.

PCGS, the first coin grading and authentication service, started slabbing coins in 1986.

Those coins were bought since the late seventies to the late eighties, and the dealers attributed the grades to them.

I bought them from three big and highly regarded dealers at the time. Unfortunately they do not exist any more. Things change in forty years...

These dealers were very strict when grading, so if I send these coins to be graded and slabbed maybe I will receive higher grades. Who knows...

I will show them in the order they were minted.

This is the MS-65 1884-O Morgan Dollar. It was bought at NERCA (New England Rare Coins Auctions).

It weights 26.73g with 90% silver purity.

9,730,000 units were minted in New Orleans in 1884.

Many of those survived in uncirculated condition in Treasury vaults. Due to the survival of many examples in original bags, this issue is quite common in mint state through gem. However, weak strikes were a common issue at the New Orleans Mint, so this issue is much harder to find in MS66 than one might expect.

Just to have an idea of rarity about this coin's grade, from a total of 231,277 1884-O coins in mint state, NGC graded 20,846 as MS-65, with 2,366 graded higher, until today (12/14/2019).

The NGC MS-65 price is around $140.00.

It has a slight golden tone and the strike is sharp. One more to be sent to grading.

The reverse depicts an eagle with wings outstretched. The mint mark always appears on the reverse above the "o" in "Dollar", except those minted in Philadelphia, that have no mint mark.


The obverse depicts a profile portrait representing Liberty.


Thank you for reading. Please comment, upvote, resteem and advise me.

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A marvelous collection of unslabbed Morgans so far, barely scratched the surface.


I had forgotten that I had them, Looking for material for my posts I discovered them in a drawer inside my safe...

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Hey @ronaldoavelino, here is a little bit of BEER from @eii for you. Enjoy it!

It is an excellent looking coin @ronaldoavelino! Hopefully you get a high grade back on it.


I hope so. Thank you for being here.

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Did you say you have 20 more of these beautiful, blast white Morgans? Do you keep them in a tube, or do you have them in individual capsules?
Have a terrific weekend, my friend @ronaldoavelino! In 5 hours, I shall post my Christmas Wish List #6. We talk about it all the time. DO not forget to check it out later!
Take care 🥰🌺🤙


They are in individual capsules or individual non-PVC flips. Take care!

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Looking at all your Morgan’s brings back memories Ron. I was four coins shy of the entire run before I had to sell my entire collection.😡


I want to cry everytime you talk about your old collection and why you have it no more. I have nightmares thinking that it could have happened to me, my friend.


I try not to think about it. When I first got back into collecting one of my good friends that collects strictly vintage US gold coins told me that what I sold off for 25K back then would be worth close to 800K in todays coin market.


It makes me sad. I share your grief.

3.39 USD in 4 days, 29.58 USD to go

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The certification companies of that year no longer exist, which will affect the value.If you add the existing strong certification company, it will certainly be better, but you have no intention to sell, so it doesn't matter.
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