Afternoon everyone....

Anyone that follows my post knows that I’m not much if at all a generic silver guy. I started off as a hardcore coin collector. After being forced to sell my entire collection years back, when I decided to start again I took more of a hybrid approach.

The approach was to collect what I liked and could afford, but also stack for weight as well. Both of these approaches had a caveat to them. I could not afford the coins that I once owned as the prices had more then quadrupled in value. I also could not just buy silver to have silver. I like the vintage stuff or stuff from great producing mints such as Scottsdale, Geiger or hand poured silver.

I’m also not a huge fan of one ounce rounds or bars. They take up too much time keeping them organized. I love 100 gram bars, five ounce bars and ten ounce bars.

The only reason I buy generic is to trade with or to send to friends that pour silver art.

Well here is a bunch of generic rounds that I came across recently. They have been sent to Ray in exchange for some Toxic Pours.


Bye Bye generic....


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Very interesting!!


Thank you

The OPM is a generic round @silverd510. I just can't put a torch to these rounds.....I just have a soft spot for all silver rounds....🤔
What I need is some old Goodwill junk silver that I can Liquify LOL!!😏🤗
Looking forward to Rays new creation my friend!!🤗


OPM is generic. Johnson Matthey, Engelhard, Scottsdale, Geiger I would never melt. Second tier dor me is Silvertowne, First Majestic, GoldenState Mint. Pretty much everything else is melt. I might have misses one or two but thats pretty much the list.


Plus the end result will be very unique one-of-a-kind @silverd510!!🤗

I anxiously await the creation you will be receiving from these. Thanks for sharing!


Should be this week


I will watch 😁 and let you know. Thank you!