Early Bird Delegation Bonuses for @leo.voter Have Begun!

3년 전

early bird delegator bonus sent.png

The first round of LEO Early BIrd Bonuses have been sent for delegations to the @leo.voter account.

Note: the early bird bonus is now closed and these are the final delegations that are eligible for the weekly bonus tokens.

As we also said in the introduction post for the leo.voter, these bonuses are paid out in 1/8th chunks for 8 weeks. If you keep your delegation until the end of these 8 weeks, then you will have received the full 8/8 weeks of bonuses which will come out to .1 LEO per 1 SP delegated.

For example: a 1,000 SP delegation will get 100 LEO at the end of the 8 weeks. Paid out each week in the quantity of 12.5 LEO.

If you have any other questions, please leave them down below in the comments. Thank you to everyone who has supported the @leo.voter. Don't forget that you can delegate to the Leo Bot Sink whenever you'd like to, it's just the early bird bonus that has ended.



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Question: Why does the bonus not go on indefinitely :D
Because I will cancel the delegation after 8 weeks...


8 weeks is a long term on the blockchain. Makes sense for everyone to observe and re-evaluate

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We’re considering a few different things at the moment, but there will definitely be an ongoing bonus program for delegators. It’s gotta get a little more interesting than just a couple bonus tokens 😜


Good! And please start promoting the leo.voter bot more. Only very few people are aware that it exists...

Really sound great

Is the bid bot still active? Is it fully utilized? Can I still delegate SP and be paid leo tokens?

Yep, received mine today! :P

So glad to be there this early. Thank you!

Yuppie!! I received the bonus LEO tokens.



Hahahah enjoy that. See my name on the top 😂😂😂.

I feel amazing being on the top of the list. Although delegation is small but it is so awesome 😎 .
Thank you @steem.leo

Aw fiddlesticks! Wish I would have heard about this! Been pretty busy lately, so oh well...

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A little extra leo in my wallet is never a bad thing :)

You can check what's going with my delegation.
I made it within the terms and I do not appear on the list, nor did it generate any reward yesterday and today.
thank you


  ·  3년 전

Hi Samic, you have to delegate Steem Power to leo.voter, not Leo Power.


😂😂😂😂😂 lol.


jajaja finally I land..

Was just about to head on discord and ask for an update lol so thank you!

Great idea. Wishing I hadn't staked what I had now to delegate. I guess my usual answer of posting more would be the answer LOL

Is there any voting option as well for the delegators or it's only the token?

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awesome LEO!!