Introducing the Leo Bid Bot Sink! | Delegate & Earn Passive LEO Each Day + Help the Steemleo Community By Burning LEO Tokens

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The Leo Bid Bot sink has been in the works for a little while. We were waiting to release it until 1 week after launch and here we are, as planned.

You thought Steemleo was good? You thought the LEO economy couldn't get any better?

Think again! This is the 2nd LEO token sink of many! (first token sink is post promotion on the website by sending tokens to @null to get on trending). We have more ideas in the pipeline as well.

A Bid Bot That Improves Steemleo

Most people hear bid bot and they think negative. They think of something that hurts the overall economy and they are reminded of the content indifferent voting bots hanging around the Steem ecosystem and pushing up irrelevant content to the top of trending.

The Leo Voting bot is not an ordinary bot. It recieves bids in LEO tokens and then distributes those tokens to SP delegators while simultaneously burning it's proportion (based on the bot's native Steem Power -- currently ~20,000SP and rising fast).

By burning tokens (sending them to @null), you reduce the supply of LEO. Combine that with a stable (or increasing) demand for the token and prices will rise over time. The most basic principle of economics in action.

Sending LEO to the bot will give you STEEM POWER votes that are worth only STEEM/SBD and NOT LEO. This way, we are able to distribute value for the tokens received and not affect content discovery on #steemleo and The voting bot is set to 0% - 20% profitability (it won't calculate and distribute a negative ROI vote).

How to Use the Leo Voting Bot?

To use the voting bot, just follow these simple steps:

  1. Post your awesome piece of content on Steem (doesn't have to be under the #steemleo tag)
  2. Copy the link to the post (On steempeak/busy/insert-interface-here)
  3. Send LEO to @leo.voter WITH your post link in the memo field (don't send to any account other than @leo.voter!!!)
  4. Get an upvote from the bot!

The bot is also visible on Go there and you can see all the voting bots and then you can look for us in the list. There is also a button at the top with the Steem-Engine logo. If you click that button it will display only Steem-Engine token voting bots and will make it easier to sort through the list.

How to Delegate to the Bot and Earn LEO Payouts Daily and Passively

It's simple! Just delegate SP to the voting bot account (@leo.voter) and then you will receive LEO payouts daily based on the amount of SP you have delegated.

Many will ask: "how much will I make delegating to @leo.voter" -- the answer is... we don't know.. yet. As the bot gets up and running we'll start to get more concrete figures and we will definitely be posting those concrete figures in the days/weeks to come.

Are There Any Bonuses for Being an Early Delegator to The Leo Voting Bot?

Hmm.. Funny you should ask!

We're doing a bounty program for anyone who decides to support the LEO economy by delegating to the voting bot.

All delegators (who delegate within the next 7 days until this post pays out) will receive a BONUS of 0.1 LEO to 1 STEEM POWER based on SP delegated.

For example, if you delegate 2,000 SP to the Leo Voting Bot, then you will receive 200 LEO on top of the regular daily payouts.

These bonus tokens will be sent in 8 transfers -- 1x a week for 8 weeks following the payout of this post.

For example, If you undelegate 4 weeks in, then you will have only received 4 weeks worth of your total bonus.

If you have any questions about this program or about the Leo Voting Bot, just drop them down below and we'll answer them as quickly as possible. You can also hop in our discord channel and chat with us there too!

Introducing the Leo Bot Sink!

leo bot sink infographic final.jpg


#steemleo - A Next-Generation Community for Investors


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LeoPeak -- All-In-One Interface

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Wow. This is super awesome to hear about


Glad you think so! We think it'll bring a lot of value to #steemleo ;)

I'm ok to delegate but sorry my friend, I need at least to know how much Leo I will receive for each 1k delegated. This is the minimum info before invest.


That's fair. It's going to fluctuate because of the dynamics between the LEO price and the STEEM price.

As of right now, delegators are earning roughly 2.7 LEO per 1,000 SP delegated per day as the normal daily payouts.

In 2 hours (when this post is paid out) we will close the LEO bonus for delegators. The bonus is .1 LEO for every 1 SP delegated.

So if you delegate 1,000 SP, for example, you'll earn (roughly) 2.7 LEO per day from the normal daily payouts and then the bonus is a guaranteed 100 LEO (paid out 1x a week in 1/8th chunks - so 12.5 LEO/ week for 1k - for the next 8 weeks, starting today)

Hope that helps!

Excellent idea, count with some SP from my side

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Thank you! It's gonna do wonders for this community and token economy 🧡

you surely got my support ! keep up the amazing work at @steem.leo ... cheers .. already delegated

Freaking BRILLIANT.. a bot that burns the tokens.. a bot that contributes? Never prouder to be part of a SMART community that cares about it's token.

AMAZING! To think I was sitting in Discord and it was still hush hush ;)


Thank you @bearbear613! That's exactly what we're going for! This way we improve the economy and reward users in the process!


You are thanking me? HA! Not going to let this sound kiss-a but I think STEEM should be thanking you.

I guess this is the reason leo is the investment part of steem I love the fact that we’re having more ways to earn and burn tokens! Reducing circulation and providing value is what’s going to set this tribe apart! First of many sinks yet to come im sure

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Haha you could definitely say that! We've got a lot more plans for sinks and they are going to blow some minds and burn some tokens ;)

Thank you for supporting, appreciate it so much. Let's build this community to the moon #steemleo 🚀


Yea this is actual smartsteem unlike that other guy 🐺 I'll keep an eye on this for sure. Well done again Leo 🦁

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Lets take this baby for a spin, delegated 100 SP

While I am not a fan of bid bots, seems like it has been designed more like a contributor rather than simply...a bot.

I would urge you to double check the links before upvoting rounds (if possible) to avoid spam and bad content.

Rapid progress...thumbs up to everyone involved.


Agree. There is a lot of room for improvement in the traditional bot example, this may serve as a viable alternative -- especially if we can come up with ways to increase the ROI of the bot to outperform the others.

Not sure if that's possible, but not against looking into it! Thanks for the idea and compliments ;)


I would urge you to double check the links before upvoting rounds (if possible) to avoid spam and bad content.

Think more of a look after voting would be better. Unvote bad content without a refund, but make sure you have strict guidelines to define bad content.

Awesome, couldn't be better!


Pretty sweet, right? It's gonna be such a value add to the LEO economy!

Great post which lots of cool information.

Not for right now but as my account grows and i get more investors, the time will come and i'll be knocking on your door asking what sort of ROI would delegators receive?

Im loving this steemleo website and i pretty much only run my account through it while using steemit for my personal account. Well done on all you hard work and efforts so far.


Your project is gonna be a hit and we'll be waiting to answer when you come knocking ;)

We appreciate it, thank you for all your continuous support! We are all building something incredible here and it's a great time to be alive 🧡


Thank you for the nice word.

And i 2nd, its a great time to be alive :D


Trying to get that Leo count up for you, fill that wallet fat 😉

All delegators (who delegate within the next 7 days until this post pays out) will receive a BONUS of 0.1 LEO to 1 STEEM POWER based on SP delegated.

You don't stop to surprise us with innovative ideas. This is a great bonus and incentive to do some delegation. Now I have to pull all my remaining SP together. ;-)


Funny people support services and products that are technically against sec regulations, but refuse to support projects who build actual technology for real life users . Weird world.


I don't know what you mean. What is sec and what are you implying with this comment? And why do you call me "funny people"? Did I do something to piss you off? And what is this project of yours that I don't support?


Nah i think you are pretty cool. Just speaking broadly about a small population of users who consistently abuse the Steem ecosystem. "I think it's funny that people support services".. Does the statement make sense now?


Yeah, I guess it does.

Funny sidenote: Gentlebot hit your initial comment. lol

@steem.leo I just Delegated 600SP and I am Excited for All The Good things That Will Come from this BOT. Also I am a LEO myself So I Know this will be GREAT !!


Woohoo! Thanks for the support @stokjockey!

Such bonuses, Awesome work!! just delegated 1k Steem Power.

Can't wait to see the LEO delegator rewards coming!

Just made a Small delegation. Betting 100% steemleo will be one of the faces of SMTs.


Woot! Thanks so much for your support. We will continue to build this community bigger than anyone on Steem can even imagine ;)

Looks a good Bonuses for the Early Delegator to The Leo Voting Bot.

This is awesome. I have used this bid bot several times. I am a fan of any of these bots that burn the tokens that we send them. The delegation incentives here are pretty awesome as well. Great job.


Thanks @derangedvisions! Using the bid bot is a huge help in burning LEO and making the token more finite! Appreciate everything you do ;)

Personally I see no issue with any bid bots. Anyone can use them so its fair game in my opinion. On top of that you should consider it as a post Promotion to get listed on trending pages etc. It all seems equal opportunity to me.


Thanks for your delegation and support, it means so much!

We have used bid bots a little, but maybe should consider using them more often. Just hate the stigma that's attached to utilizing them... but honestly, if you shouldn't use bid bots for promoting an actual community project that benefits Steem, then what should you use them for!?


You're welcome happy to do it and wish it was more :) Maybe soon at these steem prices lol.

I think bid bots just got a bad rep on steem with people throwing money at them. But the way its used for tokens I don't see an issue with its burning tokens so its costing you something to use it. Its a promotion but it really does not help your ranking on the tokenized site.

I think the biggest issue is steem just never did anything about anything lol and its just carrying over a bit to what we are now calling bidbots. Perhaps a sexier name needs to be made lol

  ·  3년 전

Keep those sinks coming :)


hehe you know we will!

Wow very amazing thing. I will surely delegate some sp to you.

@steem.leo I don't have Leo what will i do?

This is amazing!
Thanks for sharing :D

You didn't show the technique how to delegate SP to @leo.voter?

  ·  3년 전

Hi @mgibson! I`m here to help :) If you want to delegate, please make a comment (for example replay to this one) like this:
I want to delegate X sp to @user
Where X is the amount of SP and @user is the steem user you want to delegate to. For example:
I want to delegate 100 sp to @steem.leo
@tipU will answer with a delegation link. Hope this helps!:)

Nice. I like that there's more and more thought about sinks - maybe we can incorporate those on 'Steem FrontEnds' (you know the oldskool ones :D) as well at some point ;-) Delegated to be part of the movement and see how it works out. Cheers!

I love your proposal, I've been spending my coins I read leo power, and of course I would like to delegate, count with me

100% upvote because you're still brainstorming over and planning to increase token sinks. :P

Greetings, @steem.leo

If i delegate 2000 i will receive 200 leo. It will be all days forever ??? I can not underestand it correct....

#palnet #battle #spt #neoxian #steemleo


You will recieve the 200leo once, but spread out into 8 weeks, that's 25 per week. This is a bounty for early delegators


ok, thank you. Is this bot working now?


Yes it is. I've delegated mine

This is a pretty serious platform. Now youv'e put PAL other communities on their toes, it is interesting how the developments were this rapid as if the team behind this have had it planned before.

It's all good

So lets say the idea is to be a big massive global community for investments. It is therefore smart to build an in-platform investment opportunity first, which you've done with stake mining, now delegation. Excellent

So, what are the plans to draw in outside money? I know it is up to every investor in leo to let the word out, but does the team have a plan they will like to share?

I like the culture already being adopted here, it is good for business, I like the branding too.

It will be nice to see a roadmap, but no rush, the almost daily updates you droop are also cool.

Best of luck

how do u consider the price of LEO? Is it the last traded price from steem-engine, or something else....

The second question is if someone send 4 LEO bids, then how much STEEM upvote in a post he will get roughly(considering your 0 to 20% )

Tested it and it works as expected 👍

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@steem.leo, Burning of Tokens is effective step so that it will help in the process of boosting the price. Definitely we wish that this Community will grow step by step and over the period of time this Community will going to become mature. Stay blessed team.

I love that @leo.voter is burning LEO! I just delegated 100 SP, I wish I had more to delegate!


How much LEO you will get for the delegation of 100 SP? Do you know anything about it?


I'm not sure, it is a new bid-bot, but it is worth me finding out, plus there is the bonus.

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Will be interesting to see what happens to leo/steem ratio once upvoting becomes less profitable with hf21.

Since, my schedule for other is too tight. I loved passive stuff like this one. I delegate my staked LEO to @leo.voter

It will be great to see the end results, especially when the market starts to rise up again.... Who knows, maybe in the future Leo might just pass Steem in value. That would be interesting to see now would it?

The beginnings: buying a handfull of Leo with just one Steem.

The end: buying a handfull of Steem with just one Leo?

,,Burn some tokens and destroy a portion" besides,,we don't know how much delegators will earn" it's no go for me at the moment.
Same with miners.
Why buy miner if i don't know what to expect?
I'm not negative but too many unknowns for me.

added a nice 5k delegation thanks!

How does the conversion from Leo to Steem work? Do you base the value of 1 Leo as 2 Steem or as what it is currently selling for? Or something else?

If the bid bot is able to collect a huge sum of delegation, it will definitely work. Much better than conventional bid bots.

Bid bots cause massive damage to Steem's reputation and cause investors to sell . I've said it for a long time. Stop building bid bots that hurt our prices and build real technology for the real world. Regulators do not give a shit about innovation if users are losing money. They will block everything crypto related. (See Trump's tweet) promised roi is technically promoted against SEC regulations In the USA, where steemit Inc is located.

that also will be good to people like me, that really doen's had some interesting to post on steemleo post,i do music so, people can engage with me trough sending me some love trough this bidbot (Wink wink).

Is the 0.1-1SP going to be earned everyday for the early birds for 8 weeks?

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  ·  3년 전

No, you will receive 0.1 LEO for each delegated SP, these bonus tokens will be sent in 8 transfers, one transfer per week.

Example: If you delegate 1000 SP to @leo.voter, you will receive 100 bonus tokens and every week you will receive 12.5 LEO up to a maximum of 8 weeks.

  ·  3년 전

Hi @vxc! Special squad of highly trained hamsters prepared this delegation link for you:
steemconnect 1000.0 SP delegation to @leo.voter.


Okay great thanks for the clarification 👍.

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That 0-20% roi is after curation, right?

Posted using Partiko Android

I delegated 500 leo to @leo.voter? Is that a good idea or have I missed the point entirely.
I'm going to delegate 2,000 steem to @leo.voter but needed to know if delgating the Leo was helpful at all?

Thanks @steem.leo

  ·  3년 전

Hi @molometer! Special squad of highly trained hamsters prepared this delegation link for you:
steemconnect 2000.0 SP delegation to @leo.voter.


Thanks @cardboard just waiting to see if delegating the Leo tokens to the @leo.voter made any sense?

Great news! Finally a good implementation of a bit bot. Just make sure you try to avoid upvoting spam.

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that's one of the way to increase the value of LEO, great!
profitability 0% ~20%, !!

This will be awesome for the community, Well Done @steem.leo ! 👍😎
Upped and resteemed
Steemleo Is Going to be Legengary!