SteemLeo Dex V2.0 Is Live! | Advanced Wallet UI, Rewards UI, View All Open Orders and More!

2년 전

steemleo dex v2 announcement.png

Hey everyone! It's been just under 2 weeks since the launch of -- an interface for trading & managing Steem-based tokens.

At first, we launched with a simple UI for trading tokens. Now we are launching a more advanced feature set which allow for a better user experience when managing your token balances and trading activities:

  • Advanced Wallet Page
  • STEEM ==> STEEMP Deposit & Withdrawal Gateway
  • Rewards Page: Claiming All Rewards + Voting Powers
  • Open Orders Page

Head over to, log-in with keychain and have fun 🦁

Advanced Wallet Page

We wanted to make a wallet page that was tailored to the user experience. For the users who manage dozens or even hundreds of different tokens in the future.

At the top left, you can find the estimated value of your token holdings listed in U.S. Dollars (USD), STEEM and LEO.

Below this is a toggle box which allows you to hide zero balances. Toggling this box will automatically hide any token balances in your wallet that are <1 token. i.e. if you don't want to see tokens of which you have little-to-no balance, then you can simply hide them from the page.

Just below this, you can find our sorting mechanisms. Just click once on any of the tabs to sort tokens by that criteria. First click will sort ascending (as indicated by the highlighted "arrow up") and second click will sort descending based on the defined criteria.

Delegated stake also shows just below the liquid balance and there are a few other little features that I'll let you discover on your own ;)

STEEM ==> STEEMP Deposit & Withdrawal Gateway

Screen Shot 2019-10-29 at 3.02.12 PM.png

We've been testing a STEEM to STEEMP (and vice versa) gateway for automatically processing deposits and withdrawals.

If you click either deposit or withdrawal in the top right side of the Advanced Wallet UI, then you'll get a popup that looks like the screenshot above. It shows you the current fee for a deposit or the current fee for a withdrawal and also the current limits per transfer that we're able to handle.

Any transfer above a certain amount (currently set to 100 STEEM) has to be manually approved by one of us. We typically approve these larger transfers in less than 15 or 30 minutes. This manual acceptance limit along with the maximum deposit/withdraw limits will be raised over time.

Rewards Page: Claiming All Rewards + Voting Powers

The rewards page presents a clean UI for seeing and claiming all of your pending token rewards. It also shows your current staked numbers for each token along with your current Voting Power for a particular token (labeled: VP).

You can hit the claim buttons to the right to claim tokens individually, or hit the Claim All button at the top right to claim all your pending token rewards.

Open Orders Page

What is a simple feature that could save people a disproportionate amount of time?

A single page to show, sort and even cancel all of your open token orders!

Get Your Token Listed + Future Integrations & Vision

The wallet, rewards and open orders pages display any and all Steem-based tokens that are relevant to your account. The market page, however, only shows tokens which have listed through our dex via a burn fee paid to @null in LEO tokens.

The fee for listing a token is currently 2,000 LEO sent to @null. There isn't a button to do this automatically yet on the dex website, but that is coming soon along with a future integration for SteemLeo LABS which will make a lot of our ideas for helping businesses on Steem more official and readily available. The LABS project alone has burned over 15,000 LEO and the dex itself has burned 7,000 LEO just from token listing fees.

If you have any questions about listing a token or want to work with the LABS project, get in touch with one of us in the SteemLeo Discord.

The vision for SteemLeo becomes closer to reality each week as we add new features and integrations to our community. Our ambition is to become a decentralized financial community that rewards authors and users for doing what they love to do. Ultimately, the main steps between here and mass adoption are usability and onboarding.

Core pillars like and are what make SteemLeo an all-in-one solution for people who want to be a part of a decentralized financial movement. A place where you own your content, your data and your financial well-being. We're very early in the process, but the largest ambitions yield the most delicious fruit 🍎

We have another awesome pillar coming in the next month or so that will take owning your content to another level. I'll leave it to your imagination:

https://_ _ o

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🦁 the vision gets clearer and clearer ;)

DEX 2.0 looks very the additional features as well...nice job you guys.


USEFUL, UTILITARIAN... but 'sexy'? 🙀😱😲😳 The women in your life should have a talk with you



Couldn't do any of it without the amazing community behind this project. I'm really happy with how dex 2 works 🦁

Awesome stuff, hopefully we can get SPI listed here. Saw a post from @spinvest referring to the recent DEX launch. SPI definitely belongs here, that’s for sure. Definitely going to revisit this at our upcoming club discoed meeting

Sweet stuff, team
Keep it up

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Yes! That'd be awesome. Looking forward to having SPI on there, especially as we roll out more features for our listed tokens 🦁


https://_ _ o


Not quite. Think bigger ;)


Well, it's gotta be then. AWESOME


lol :D

Espectacular work, well done!

that's really nice!


Pretty sweet, huh? 🦁

Awesome job explaining the DEX.

I can guess what https://_ _ o is but I'd rather not give it away. ;)

Very interesting !! I’ll try it

Unfortunately can’t login on my iPad - doesn’t support keychain (at least on Brave).

Only investment related posts on steemleo ?

Great work. Love the claim all rewards feature.

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Dayum! That’s nice.

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The DEX is another great idea by Steemleo team. Question is tubeleo still an option? How do I utilize it?

Nice job! It looks like this will one of the best projects.

Steem leo dex is just doing easier to trade...

It's already harder than cuz I gotta download some crap from keychain 🤣🤣🤣 But it looks like it will exceed S-E handily in the near future! I like the all in one claims and the tribes I use have that now as well.

Amazing work, UI look professional and easy to use! Keep up to good work guys.