Steemleo Discord Channel Is Now Live!

7개월 전

join the Steemleo discord.png

Launch day has been hectic and amazing at the same time.

Thank you for your patience as we get up and running and smooth out some kinks, especially with the airdrop.

We're still working on a case by case business (based on comments) to get the rest of the missing airdrops out to PAL stakeholders.

If you commented on @khaleelkazi's latest post, then you should be good to go, we're working down that list as fast as possible.

We planned on launching our discord channel tomorrow, but instead we will launch it tonight to help alleviate some of the communication for missing airdrops and what-not.

So if you want to hop in the discord and let us know about your missing airdrop or want to join now to stay in the loop for the future, here is the invite:

We've got some really fun stuff planned for the discord in the coming days/weeks. We'll be doing a weekly podcast and a bunch of other cool stuff.

Join now and join the party. We're building Steemleo into the leading community for investors and we'll be outreaching to so many communities across the internet. If you want to be a part of this grand vision to build Steemleo and the Steem community simultaneously then join our discord!

It's a barebones discord for now, but we'll be adding in all of our fun stuff soon. Thanks for all the support and thank you for using #steemleo! The Steem community is the best for a reason, you guys rock!

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🚀we're taking this place to the moon!

I feel late to the party but like what I am seeing so far so I just joined. Hope to give it a try soon!


Ahh you're not late! Thanks for joining the community, it's going to be a fun ride to the moon ;)

Thanks for the heads up champ! Flying right over there.


Awesome to see you in there, thanks for being a big time supporter!


Awesome to see you
In there, thanks for being a
Big time supporter!

                 - steem.leo

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Joined as your 12th member. Very happy to see how things are going before in 24 hours pass. I read your blog/website @khaleelkazi and it was great. Even most of the seasoned traders I know stay away from options. So i really respect you for diving into the risky stuff. You must have a lot of experience trading since 14. I'm very glad that you made @steem.leo I will have a great time using it.

BTW @steem.leo has already been Hunted for STEEM Hunt:


Hey @vimukthi! Thanks for joining and being a great member to our up and coming little community here ;)

Yes! I (khaleelkazi) love options and want to talk about them more in some personal blog posts on Steemleo! They were one of the first investments I got into!

Finally... my request has been granted. I can't wait to joining this community. Thanks for delivering in time.

Quick question.. how long does it take staked Leo tokens to be unstaked? 13 weeks like steemit??

Greetings, @steem.leo

I were waiting for this. Thank you and have a nice day!

I really hope this helps to make a robust and informed community. Let's invest wise together!

Excellent information @steem.leo and it will be very convenient for communication!

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That is really a great step

Looks like this is gonna be amazing.
Let's do this!

Nice I got my 500 token airdrop and joined the discord I think im officially a steemleo tribe member

Definitely worth a try. Always looking forbgreat new discords.

Great to see another token...looing forward to it. Thanks

Loving Steemleo so far @steem.leo ! Im sure its going to be a "leading community for investors" across the internet ! its very exciting times right now that I am very glad to be a long for ride and a part of. We are just getting started, Steemleo and the Steem Community is going to be EPIC!! 👍👍👍❤
upped and resteemed

Congratulations on your launch . Steem on and have an awesome day!

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Discord means that community will fast growth!