Steemleo's Strategy for Onboarding the Masses to Steem: Financial Content Syndication Strategy


First of all, credit for this genius marketing plan goes to Steemleo curator and Splinterlands wizard/spreadsheet master @nealmcspadden.

Content syndication is just a fancy way of saying: we're going to curate investing content from other websites and post it onto Steemleo.

Obviously, there are quite a few nuances that are going on as well to make this a strategy rather than a simple copy/paste job.

Why Syndicate Content?

Why would we spend any time/resources syndicating content?

The benefit of syndicating content from a variety of high-quality investment authors is that we can onboard new users and content creators who are already posting about investment-related topics, but who haven't yet discovered the Steem blockchain and the Steemleo community.

One of the main purposes for creating Steemleo was to create a solution for the onboarding issue on the Steem blockchain. Clearly, Steem is not growing in userbase and in fact, the opposite has been happening over the past 2 years since the major bull run.

A correction can be expected, especially in terms of price.. but a social network needs people to be a social network.

We need a growing userbase and we need tools to find and onboard new people into the ecosystem.

Recently, there have been talks of light accounts (now more properly dubbed "wallet addresses") coming in HF22 -- the Hard Fork that will follow HF21 which will happen in 2 weeks.

Wallet addresses are going to be a massive leap forward in solving the broad issue of onboarding new users, but it is still only 1 part to the greater equation.

We still need to entice people to come to Steem.

We still need more content creators.

We still need to do something in the meantime.

Steemleo content syndication is the answer (at least, for the Steemleo tribe).

We'll be leveraging this strategy to bring high-quality content creators to Steemleo & Steem by following a simple process:

  1. Find a high-quality investment author on a "traditional" social media site (i.e. Seeking Alpha)
  2. Create a Steem account for this author
  3. Syndicate content from this author's blog onto the official syndication account we have created: @leo.syndication
  4. Set the author as the beneficiary to the rewards receieved from their syndicated content
  5. Unleash the power of the community by continually reaching out to the author, linking the account we've created in their name and showing them that they have crypo sitting in there from the content they've created in the past
  6. The author reaches out to the Steemleo team via Discord or Twitter to verify their identity and claim the account
  7. We show them the ropes (if they're interested) of how Steem & Steemleo works and how they can directly publish their content on the blockchain and earn rewards
  8. New content creators flood the blockchain and potentially bring a portion of their audience along with them

Rinse and repeat 1,000 times.

The First Syndicated Article is Already Live:

At the time of writing this, 1 syndication account has been created and 1 article from the named author has been posted as well. This will serve as a great example to see this process in action.

Click here to read the first syndication post

The Math: How Can This Play Out?

Imagine if, over the next several months, we created 1,000 accounts in the names of various financial authors from different websites across the internet.

After syndicating dozens of articles from each of these authors, they would have a nice little stack of crypto in the account we have created for them.

All they have to do is realize that it exists, reach out to Steemleo and then claim the account and bam, they've claimed some free internet money for content they've created elsewhere.

If just 10 out of the 1,000 authors we syndicate actually follow through on this, claim their Steem account and decide to start posting their content through Steem alongside the traditional sites they already use, imagine the impact it could have on Steem.

10 doesn't sound like much, but what if each of these 10 authors had an average of 1,000 fans in their audience (very small audiences, by normal standards). Let's say that 100 of these fans eventually catch wind that their favorite author is posting on a "blockchain" and they find out that they too can earn cryptocurrency for doing what they already do -- engaging with content from their favorite author.

We Need Your Help

We've already had a few community members step up in Discord and offer to syndicate financial articles from various authors that they already follow.

This led to another idea which will benefit both the Steemleo community members as well as the Steemleo platform:

Designated Syndication Specialists (DSS).. Maybe that title will catch on, maybe not.

**The point is: if you want to syndicate articles for Steemleo, message @khaleelkazi on discord. **

We'll start with just a few people and see how it goes. Then we can scale the team up and expand if the strategy seems to be working smoothly.

If you syndicate an article, you will be named as the 40% beneficiary to the rewards on the post. The other 60% will go to the unclaimed account that we have created for the author of the content you are syndicating.

The beneficiary rewards will be in both LEO and STEEM, and potentially other tribe tokens as well (when relevant to the post and if the tribe has the beneficiary rewards setting enabled).

Another major way that you can help with the syndication strategy is by reaching out to the authors and telling them about their Steem account.

For example, you might tweet to @thedividendguy and tell him that we've syndicated content from his blog onto the blockchain and he has pending rewards on the Steemleo platform. Link him to the unclaimed account's wallet page and/or the Steemleo Twitter or Discord links and try to connect us with him (or any other author in the syndication group).

The Future

There is obviously way more that goes into this than we can write in just 1 post. This plan will evolve with time, experience and more authors being added to the list and onboarded. We'll continue to refine the strategy and make sure that we're doing everything possible to get high-quality authors onto Steemleo & Steem.

A lot of new tribes have popped up since we launched, this is awesome and it is the vision of communities and SMTs finally brought to the Steem blockchain.

One thing that is abundantly clear is that we need to onboard new users and new content creators. There is boundless opportunity here on Steem, but only if we can grow the userbase and get new blood into the ecosystem. Steemleo's founding mission is to be one of the communities that onboards the next generation of Steemians. 🦁



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been using steemleo for some time, love it

So the objection I hear all the time about this idea is author permission, plagiarism, etc etc.

Here's the rundown:

  1. Anyone can excerpt anyone else's work with proper citation.
  2. Nobody except the author is reaping any financial reward for the content.
  3. Nobody is representing that the content is from anyone but the original author.

So yes, this is entirely legal. No, you don't need permission to excerpt. That's what sharing stuff online (links, retweets, reddit posts, etc) are all about. Yes, links back to the original source are included. Yes, the original author will receive all the money escrowed on his or her behalf.

Could an author still be upset? Well, people can be upset about anything. Do I think it would be reasonable for an author to be upset about free promotion and potential additional payment streams? Not really.


The escrow part is really the only sticking point. It takes a trusted account and a way to audit. But I'd say: Alright, lets do this! Leeroy Jenkins!


But yes, the escrow has to be handled responsibly and ethically. For khal running steemleo, I personally don't have any concerns there. Only time will tell though.


Yeah. And just to clarify, the escrow is off-chain. The on-chain escrow feature couldn't be used because one of the parties doesn't exist yet.


No, it's on-chain. An escrow account is created on behalf of the author. When the author shows up to claim, keys are handed over.


Ok, got it. That's solves the audit then. Nice.


You answered all my questions about this.
Thank you

That's a brilliant idea in my opinion!
I need to see if we can make something similar. Every new user on Steem is a step in the right direction.

This sounds like a very good idea and I would love to participate. I will reach out to you on Twitter. Things just keep getting more and more exciting in this community!


Aloha! Sounds good, would love to have you on the syndication team. Things are rolling now and syndication is happening daily!

  ·  작년

Congrats on your innovativity!
This is the first project on Steem to go after users like this. Great move. Leo to the moon :)


🚀 ;)

Awesome idea. I totally agree if only 1% authors come here eith some fan base, itcan create a huge impact. Keep making tge steem better place. Thank you.

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It could be huuuuge! The impact of onboarding just a few users a month is way underestimated. It's gonna be awesome to show off the impact of this strategy as we get some authors on board.

What happens if the author does not claim his account, where does the money go? Stay parked forever ?


For now, that's where we're at. Maybe we can figure out some other strategy in the future. It could take months or even years to get the attention of a well-known author out there. It would be hard for any author to ignore someone telling them that they have $1,000 worth of crypto and all they have to do to claim it is send us a tweet or discord message... that would obviously take a long time to build up to though :)

I think other communities of Steem can borrow your approach and start syndicating content, creating new accounts and reach out to the experts outside Steem.


I hope they do and if any communities reach out to us and ask for help with syndicating content for their niche, we'd love to help out in any way possible. The more syndication, the better for Steem!

Sounds like an awesome plan I think what could also be cool is getting investment bloggers to on board and become featured Leo authors and have a banner on their sites like Leo contributor so there’s synergy between platforms and they can build an audience here too


That is a very cool idea. When we onboard authors, we could have a Steemleo media kit ready for them to download and they could use those image assets on their other websites any maybe even earn a commission for accounts that are created on Steem using their referral link... awesome idea 🔥

How legal is this?

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100% legal. Content syndication happens all over the internet. We aren't stealing content and posting it as our own. We are taking excerpts of content and then making it very clear that the content was written by ____ author and we will always link to the original.

Brilliant! I just bought more SteemLeo last night! Whoot


haha sweeeet! I'm dreaming about how much fun it will be to report back after getting a few authors properly onboarded with this strategy 🚀

  ·  작년

This is something along the lines of what i'm planning on doing with Photography once we get that community rolling.... so it's nice to see another group testing it out @nealmcspadden

I was thinking more of ask first but we'll see how it goes with ask for forgiveness rather than permission. haha
But you're doing excerpts which is understandable... we can just show exceprts of an image. haha

you're not manually responding and not automating it?
How are you making the 1000~ accounts?


Awesome, the more we can roll out strategies like this in various communities, the bigger we can grow Steem. That's always a good thing! If we can help out in any way with that, just let me know!

Haha always best to ask for forgiveness than permission lol (well, maybe not always). Excerpts of an image... LOL. Just cut it up into little strips like a puzzle ;)

I'd love to work on automating the process. As of right now, it's all manual but it's very manageable... Even doing 1,000 accounts over the term of say, 3 months is highly doable on my part. But again, if someone knows how to automate this, I'm all ears!

Sounds like a solid plan. :) Here's to hoping you find a lot of success in this! Onboarding more people will help raise these low prices I see people constantly posting about. lol


:) haha right! We need to keep hammering away at the problem of onboarding! It's our primary focus.

Superb ideal u got here @steem.leo, bringing more content to leo will help boost leo to the moon if implemented and followed up....


Thanks :) we totally agree, it's going to be a huge win to onboard new content creators to Steemleo and Steem!

This is some scary smart stuff here @steemleo and @nealmcspadden I love the concept and as long as there are no issues with original authors why would they not care but eventually come to embrace what is going on at a very ground level floor of this idea. Great work I will really be curious at how this can work in the future moving forward.


Exactly! Who doesn't love free money? I mean, that's what we're doing here.. Syndicating content and doing all the work and then allowing the crypto to accumulate in their account so that the author can claim later in the future!

It's the perfect onboarding strategy -- hey, let me just pay you to join the blockchain!

This is brilliant a a very good way in onboarding specific people while incentivizing those that brings them into steem community @steem.leo


Thanks @cryptopie! we hope to make a big dent in onboarding new and awesome Steemians to the Steem family ;)

  ·  작년

Awesome news I hope it works out well as we need to bring more people to steem.

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Totally agree.. We absolutely need to find more ways to bring in new users and content creators. It's our core mission for Steemleo :)

  ·  작년

This is an awesome idea to bring more content to LEO, and hopefully in time more content creators and users. May be an idea to resteem the syndicated content on the created author account, so their work is on their profile when they arrive. These authors could build a large following here without even knowing. Would also make onboarding them easier as you can add to the marketing pitch - your account already has xyz followers.


Hey! Yes, I totally want to figure that out. As of right now, I'd have to log into the syndicated account and manually resteem. I'm going to search for an automated process for that and hopefully will get that implemented soon. If you know of any auto-resteem scripts or anything, let me know :)

That's a huge value add... you have free crypto waiting to be claimed AND you have an audience already built!

  ·  작년

I've got nothing when it comes to scripts and automation. Glad you like the idea, maybe one of the autoclaim or autovote sites would be able to work it out (steemauto, steemrewarding)

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Brilliant approach.

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Thanks Rolland!

this is an excellent idea! Who will care for @cheetha and other flagging bots?

Posted using Partiko iOS


Thanks! We may contact the flagging bots if they become an issue, so far we haven't had any problems though as we are properly sourcing everything :)

It is an amazing idea!!!! This is the kind of strategy we are looking for!

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Thanks :)

I just can't wait to see the first content creator come aboard... it's going to be a massive win for Steemleo and for Steem!

Awesome!!! This is the way to go. Glad these initiatives are coming from SteemLEO - very very curious to see how this works out.


Thank you @soyrosa! Our plan has always been to be a leading force for onboarding new users to Steem. We'll continue to hammer away to make that a reality!!

Greetings, @steem.leo

Excelent idea, man!!!Congratulations for this and thank you for share with us!!!!

@steem.leo, Great thought and definitely can prove really effective after Implementation too. Hope that everything will fall at right place regards to this Initiative. My good wishes are with you team.

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Sounds like a great idea to me! Go Steemleo @steem.leo !👍👍👍😎upped resteemed

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