Witness and TRON meeting was painful to listen too


If you are interested in STEEM governance and the latest developments between the STEEM witnesses and Roy from TRON, then I encourage you to listen to the latest recording that can be found here.


Don't know how you feel about it but I found it extremely painful to listen too. Many of the witnesses I heard simply didn't seem to get it and didn't contribute to a meaningful conversation let alone solution to move forward.

@starkerz did a good job in moderating the meeting but for the next meeting with TRON, and I hope there will be one, I would suggest the following to make it more constructive.

1. STEEM witnesses collect questions and desired outcome.

2. STEEM Witnesses select MAX 2 - 3 spoke persons to join next meeting.

3. Moderator to capture outcome and next actions and share on steemspeak so it is recorded on chain.

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