Steem: The Blockchain Of Opportunity




It is pretty easy to notice there is a lot going on here of late. We see many different project popping up all over the place.

If Steem was a train station, the second one leaves, another is arriving.

This morning I woke up to see that @flipster spent over 21,000 STEEM buying up the remaining LEOMM. It was a purchase that eliminated all the miners from the market, capping off what is out there. Going forward, the miners will have to be purchased from individuals. The sell wall was completely removed.

@shanghaipreneur write an article about this. He detailed how he bought some miners in the past for 3-4 STEEM apiece. They were providing 4-5 LEO per day in passive income.

Obviously, the amount of LEO received will be cut since 23% of the miners in total just went onto the market. That said, I think it is safe to say the price will increase over time as the demand for them increases. With the supply in individuals' hands, the cost will likely go up.

This is a good deal for those holding the miners. However, for the rest of us, it is easy to feel some FOMO with it. The Steemleo project seems to be a strong one and mining tokens is a nice way to accumulate them.

Of course, on Steem, there is no need for FOMO.

We are seeing dozens of opportunities popping up all over the place. With a blockchain of opportunity, it will only keep expanding.

Recently, @ackza and his SAND project got a bit of attention. Some feel this is an opportunity to really make a difference, especially those in San Diego.

Just this morning, there was another post put up by the @dcore team looking for individuals to get involved with the Beta phase of their project. This team is looking for researchers.

My point is that Steem is still rather small. There will come a time when there are tens of thousands of different projects on here. Some will be opportunities to make money, others to participate and make a difference (or a combo of the two).

One of my goals with my content is to help people to see the paradigm shift that is taking place. The Age of Abundance is on its way. We were all reared in a world of scarcity, especially when it came to the financial system, that we feel it is natural to think win/loss in every situation.

This is not the case. Just because one person or projects succeeds, that has no bearing on anything else. Another project is not hindered because of the success of something else. In fact, since it is all built upon a cooperative, the later actually enhances the former.

Every project is an opportunity. Without a doubt, many are going to fail. That said, each provides an experience that we can take forward. As the reach of Steem keeps expanding, we are going to see more success stories. This will only keep duplicating itself. Those who benefit from the earlier projects, have more to bring to the table, in terms of experience and financial resources, when later projects show up.

It is will be a never ending cycle.

At the present moment, there is a great project in someone's mind that is going to totally set the Steem community on its ear. I do not know what it is or who is holding it but it is coming. And once that hits, we will see another.

By the way, do not overlook the opportunities that are already on the board. Just because a project did not take off in its first 90 days does not mean anything. There could be a lot going on behind the scenes that will make a major difference 6-12 months from now.

The key is to train ourselves to look for the opportunities. We cannot be involved in everything. One thing that is not abundant is time. We are all limited on that end of things. Hence, decisions need to be made. Project, either on or off Steem, have to be prioritized.

That said, being involved in just a couple that take off will change one's life.

The great thing is that if we miss the first one, a few more are bound to show up shortly. It is going to be a never ending process.

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Your positive makes me happy

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Yeah, that was a huge statement made by @flipstar today...WOW.

One of my goals with my content is to help people to see the paradigm shift that is taking place

I appreciate your content.

You have taken a big risk in sounding like a broken record and I know many have pointed this out in the past.

Some on here are like "Yeah, Yeah.. We know"!

Sometimes we need constant reminding. Well at least I do. Reading your thoughts about the paradigm shift over and over again, just reinforce to me the reality that all of this is coming and STEEM has a good chance to play a part.

STEEM may fail and not make the cut, but it doesn't change the fact that our world is changing and those who recognize and get on board are gonna have a leg up.

Anyway. Just knew that I had not said this though I have thought it in the past. You may not even need to hear it, but...

Wanted to let you know. Keep on keeping on!

Thanks for the mention @taskmaster4450 !

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