The Collective Mindset On Steem

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Part of the paradigm shift that I often refer to is based, in large part, on a move from the present mindset we have to one that seeks to uplift all. In other words, looking for those activities that raise as much of humanity as possible.

This is a definite possibility due to the impact that cryptocurrency will have. Since we are moving away from a scarcity based model to one that is predicated upon abundance, I think the opportunities to expand this notion are going to arise rapidly.

Steem is a mirror of what is taking place. While most of us are still stuck in the old mindset, we can see some "green sprouts" that are in line with this thinking. Over time, hopefully, these beginning actions will grow much bigger with impacts being felt far and wide.

Last evening, we received an example of this. It was something that I did not see mentioned or referred to in any previous posts, hence came as a total surprise to me.

Steemleo added another twist to their DEX. The fees that are charged there for converting STEEM to STEEMP (and vice versa) were initially, or so I thought, going to be used to burn LEO tokens. This was keeping in line with everything else the team behind that project is doing. It is one platform that is paying out all benefits to the token holders via burns.
What was announced last night takes things to a different level. Instead of burning LEO, the proceeds that are garnered will be used to buy tokens of every currency listed on the LEO DEX and burn them. Thus, we are seeing the activities on that DEX benefit every token holder of the different currencies listed.

This is an action that is going to affect thousands each time they do it.

Looking at the numbers, it obviously is not going to make an enormous impact based upon what was done so far. Of course, the DEX is only operational for a few weeks so we must give it some time.

What is important is the concept behind this action. Here is a decision made that affects a much larger group of people than just those involved with LEO. Certainly, one could make the case this is being done to attract other projects to list their currencies with LEO. I will buy that one. However, it is evident that, as this builds, the more people that will benefit.

We also must keep in mind that this is simply one decision by a single project. What if this same approach was adopted by each project on Steem? Imagine if the teams behind the different platforms asked how can we impact the most people?

There is now the opportunity to embrace a completely new business model. The present system denotes ownership by a single or a few individuals. Even with public companies, there are a few institutions that have their hands in many of the companies. Hence, we see how the few truly benefit at the hands of the many.

With the concept of the DAO, this can be reversed. While it is tough to see those right now since we are in the early stages, the idea is taking shape. Ergo, the idea of community can really permeate our thinking. If value is in the tokens, then decisions made are applied to what helps that. However, as Steemleo is showing, it can extend to many tokens (and their holders) simultaneously.

In what other ways can this be duplicated? This is going to require some thought but it does open the doors to different questions. It is all part of the on-going process that I believe humanity needs to go through. A great deal of the difference over the next decade is not only going to be the technological advancement but, also, how we interact and think about each other.


One of the easiest ways for Steem to jettison itself to the head of the class is to adopt what Steemleo is doing across the board. If we can focus upon the collective benefits, then we will see a massive move forward. Other blockchains will be operating under the paradigm we all were reared with. Steem could stand out because of the approach it takes towards all who join the ecosystem.

Instead of attacking other projects and calling them "sh*t", how about we uplift them and try to assist? What about providing individuals with the knowledge and support required? Why do we not try for a 100% success rate with all projects on Steem? Is there anything that says some projects, if earnestly worked, have to fail? I do not know the answer to the last one but it is an altered way of looking at things from the present.

We have the ability within each of us to help determine if the future is Utopian or not. The tools that will be available over the next 5-10 years are going to be very powerful. It is questioned what we do with them and who is controlling them. This is where our actions enter. What takes place is totally within our control. We have the ability to attract, or repel, people.

The key is to realize we all have a choice in the matter and help to determine where things are going. If we want something completely different, we must alter our thinking to get those results. Steemleo showed a different way of looking at something, implementing a method that benefits more than just those involved in that platform.

Is this something we can duplicate hundreds, if not thousands, of times? If we do, what is the overall impact?

It is worthy of some consideration.

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A very noble sentiment. The problem is that most of the crypto market is saturated with junk.
Junk that flew up so high that its poluting the whole ecosystem and reducing the potential for mainstream adoption.

Consider what steem has done with so little. Steemit was at one point a top 800 website.
Something not a single dapp has achieved ever. Consider what steem at market cap of Eth, xrp, bch would do for cryptocurrencies.

While the ecosystem is poluted with 0 potential junk, crypto will remain stuck where it is.

Now you say, we should assist. That is pretty difficult if you ask me. Do you really want to assist those that polute the ecosystem, where funds are locked inside instead of in steem?
Would it even help steem?

The only ones we should help are smaller projects and smts will allow for that.


I should have stated for Steemians to help on Steem...not the entire crypto sphere.


Oh. Lol. I must have missunderstood.

Thats an entire thing completely. ☺


Even on steem we've seen good projects with bad management go down, even after giving all the support including our steem. One thing on Steem is the community is always ready to support. Look at steemmonsters. The idea of tying DEC to every necessary purchase in-game is awesome. Tons of projects can learn from that.

Steem Is very much an emergent phenomenon. It grows from the individual voluntary interactions of many units. That is the important part, it is voluntary.

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That is an awesome move on their part. It makes it that much more of an incentive to put your token on their DEX. Now, by being there, you are automatically burning tokens, making your tokens that much more valuable, and in turn, makes more tokens want to pay the leo price to be on their DEX.

Win win win situation. It is truly the abundance mentality of more is more and there is more than enough for everyone.

Awesome part on the LEO team. Makes me THAT much happier to be a LEO token HODLer


Makes me happy too...

Why are they going to burn the other tokens?

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