Under 16 Cents STEEM Too Tempting: Had To Buy Some

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None of this is considered financial advice. This is simply a narrative of what I am doing and providing some insight into my thinking.

We saw STEEM drop below 16 cents today. When I awoke this morning, I noticed it was 15.5 cents. That is just too tempting to me.

It is the lowest price I paid so far. I have a bit of money set aside, so I was able to pull a couple hundred out. This got me a bit over 1300 STEEM.

And to think, I was buying STEEM for around $1.30 apiece when I first joined.

Has STEEM found a bottom? I have no idea. My approach is to keep some powder in the keg and just keep buying at attractive prices. If the price heads lower, I will add more.

In my mind, there never is a safer time to buy STEEM. We are seeing a lot of progress on many fronts. The addition of Steem-Engine provides a window into what we can expect when SMTs are finally released. Steemit Inc, to their credit, appears to be on track even forgoing the dump in tokens this month.

By this time next year, I expect the entire ecosystem to be in a completely different position. Some of what we are dealing with is simple hindrances across the industry. Development is taking place on many levels helping to push everything forward.

It appears I am not alone in this. In looking at a couple charts to compare that were put together by @arcange, we are seeing STEEM getting into stronger hands. Those who have a lot of STEEM appear to be adding with the prices so low. It also looks like many are taking the opportunity to move up in category.

This is what things looked like on August 1, 2019.


Here is how it looked as of yesterday.


Whales are +1; Orcas +4; Dolphins +73.

While the Whales lost in terms of percentage of the total held, Orcas and Dolphins are up here also. Those who have stake are adding to it. I am glad to say I am one of them.

If my conclusion is correct, it is nice to see some people using the low price in STEEM to add more to their holdings. What is really impressive is the level of Dolphins where a few hundred bucks can round many Minnows into the next category up.

In my view, STEEM is going to be a rarity down the road. With the use cases for it, we will see the floating STEEM soaked up rather quickly at some point. Adding now is the only thing that makes sense in my mind.

Great times are ahead for Steem.

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I only just realised your profile picture is a cat.

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I have a very similar thought process as you, as I have recently added about 1700 steem powered up to SP at such attractive price points ... keep it stacking

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I'm thinking of selling my boring BTC or my somewhat boring ETH to get more Steem. I kinda want to wait for sub-15 cents as the psychological joy thisbwill bring me is neat.

Good to see more people with the same feeling and view ;) Congratz!

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Keep adding when the price is low. Buy when there is blood on the streets.

The bear is strong in alt coins so the only option that I can see is to keep adding.


Looks like we are at the bottom... But I remember saying this a couple of times before :))

Good to see things moving in a better direction. But yeah that cheap steem does look pretty nice I might have to get a little extra sp myself

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Dolphins everywhere 😀


I will say it is nice to see that category growing. Low STEEM price appears to be helping. Some people taking advantage to add to their stake a bit.

It is wonderful to see. Let us hope it keeps growing.

I still have not bought Steem at these prices.
Except a few Steem for Steem Dollars (SBD). But not for fiat money.
Maybe the price of the Steem will go down to $0.10 USD or to even lower.
Maybe it will go up to $1 USD or more, and I (and probably many other people) will regret that I/we missed this very good buying opportunity.

@taskmaster4450 Yes very exciting to ADD at these Levels. So Many benefits of adding Steem Power into Strong hands...............

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