BITCOIN: remember this post?


Almost 2 weeks ago I wrote a post presenting two likely options, it is this one:

There, I spoke about the high likelihood of having one rebound downwards on the upper resistance at “D”, read the caption below:

Besides any fundamental explanation about the current drop at the market, as for instance COINBASE and its bank support lost, TA is a powerful tool to anticipate the next move of the market.

Let’s see what will happen now but the likelihood of going to the 8200 USD in order to complete the wave 2 is much higher now...
And you know what will happen afterwards?



Disclaimer: This is just my personal point of view, please, do your own assessment and act consequently. Neither this post nor myself is responsible of any of your profit/losses obtained as a result of this information.

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First of all your wave C is 5 waves, which is impossible in a triangle.
Second, wave 2 can NEVER be a triangle...
Hint: It's not a triangle.

With this mini flag, I am prepping you for hardfork 21, but I am still your friend.
But I advise you to go read a book explaining the rules of EW.



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Just a quick question @ew-and-patterns , my “friend”, which @aggroed rules are you considering in order to miniflag me?
I might be wrong with my scenario but I’m not willing to offend anyone neither you, I only give my opinion on the next BTC move. I am an EW enthusiast but this doesn’t mean I cannot apply my own personal criteria, opinion or decision based, even if it’s wrong and not aligned with you or Elliot Waves Theory as a whole.
Think about it. Use the flags on people who really deserve it and not on people you think they should Learn more according to your opinion and your knowledge. Instead, if you are still my friend which it is up to you, write a comment as you did and I may or not interact with you.

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EW is black and white, there is no opinion about the rules. Counts and outcomes can differ but the rules need to be applied.
You are clearly referring to waves. You label it like elliott waves are labeled. You are even posting on the timm network...
If you are knowingly applying personal criteria on your EW posts, then that is misleading people who trust in you.
I am not offended, but if you are willingly not honoring the rules of Ralph Nelson Elliot, I will call you out on every one of your EW posts, because you are misleading people (who might invest after reading your posts) into thinking that you are applying the rules to your charts when you are not. There is a word for this behavior.


You are right, I forgot to add the disclaimer this time, done now, thanks for that.
Look, do whatever you like. I will continue to do whatever I want, adding of course my disclaimer which is clearly telling that this is my “personal point of view”.
In the meantime, I will keep learning myself about with or without your advice.
Have a good day.

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Eso es!! Confiaba en que tu si contarias con el canal/bandera bajista 😝🤟

No es que haya mirado mucho por ahi, pero lo poco he mirado a otros traders las ultimas semanas es que no he visto ni uno solo se le haya ocurrido trazar dos lineas paralelas... No se, es lo primero se le ocurre a uno cuando se dio el maximo tienes marcado como (b).

... Y la cantidad contratos estos dias longs/shorts es absurdanmente absurda, supongo seran datos manipulados, pero una constante en Bitfinex de 25.000 longs contra unos 8.000-9.000 shorts... no entiendo despues de semejante subida vertical como hay mas del triple de contratos abiertos en largo que en corto. Ahora mismo, 25.000 contra 7.000. Supongo que se entraran en corto ahora que espero rebote despues de un ultimo moviento hacia abajo 😝

...En fin, me hacen falta, que tengo preparado para operar el rebote y si no no gano y de repente me doy cuenta soy yo el majadero, como tantas veces me ha pasado 😂😂😂😂

El analisis hice a ultimos de junio cuando pude apreciar movimiento correctivo te lo comparto porque... es como si lo que estuviera enseñando fuera algo que me mide 30cm y no se si volvere a tener alguna vez un resultado igual a este

...ojala hubiera creido mas en mi analisis 😂


Un saludo!!!! 😝🤟


Me cagüen, donde te habías metido? Me gusta tu conteo. Parece que me persigue el justiciero de Elliot aquí 😂😂😂.
Gracias por el material

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Pd. Supongo ya tendras tu documentacion, medios donde consultar y/o conocimientos.. pero es que el tutorial de este blog de un tal " Felix mayoral" sobre la teoria de Elliott se sale. yo lo tengo en papel imprimido para consultarlo comodamente. Te dejo el enlace por si te apetece echarle un vistazo.

Un dia tengo que mandarle flores una botella de vino o algo asi xD