Cookies!!! a new steem engine token :)



ok i did one of those weird spontaneous tings that i've thought about for awhile, ever since steem engine came out. everyone in PAL was imagining what kind of tokens would appear, and right away my mind went to .... COOKIES!!! yes, I know you are all shocked because cookies are something that I only mention like - once or twice - every five minutes of the day. shrugs

so yesterday i went and made cookies! yep, i just made a cookie token without really knowing, well anything about wtf i was doing. like how to create an url for the token pic, how to airdrop, how to price it, how to market it... yada yada yada


but then a wonderful thing happened! @wehmoen dm'd me and said he wanted to make a cookie bot!, cookie-express, for his new Steem group on Telegram, which is a cloud-based instant messaging and voice over IP service.

TheMarkymark had just mentioned Telegram on his weekly PAL mspw show, as an interesting up and coming venture to look into, so I was all excited by the idea. making a bot was something i had been thinking about doing all along, but had no friggin clue how to design nor implement a bot as my brain is tech-challenged.

Here is his cookie bot announcement:

Want a Cookie? (well, yaaaa, duhhh!!)


I am very excited to share cookies with everyone! I am trying to figure out how to airdrop, write a post, keep my eye on the steem engine market, listen to my favorite mspw shows (Crim is on soon!) and suggest to all of you to go buy cookies before the price goes up! Cookies are a great investment and everyone likes to recieve them as a gift!

My friend @paintingangels]( was so excited she went and bought some to give to everyone in her steem-discord group!

The thing is, it doesn't matter where you are, cookies are nommy! so go treat yourself!!!

By the way, PAL is an awesome server! If you havent already joined, here is an invite!!

Peace Abundance Liberty server invite (p.s we have cookies!)



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Cool idea, I just acquired 1000 cookies :)

Mmmmmm Cookies. Cookie cookie cookie starts with C.

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I just got some.
mmmmm ....your cookies are great.

haha Awesome... Welcome to tokens and thinking it through, you will learn a lot or at least I did.


this is dramatic news

Great! cookies are never enough, will be on touch (:!

I love your cookies and congrats on using the steem engine built in stove! I wish you luck on figuring everything out as you go along. Im not tech savvy at all... I probably would have figured some way to burn them....before they were made.

I sure hope there will be chocolate mint sandwich cookies! :-)
I guess I gotta go over to steem engine and look for cookies now...


I LOVE this SO much! You have no idea! I'm such a geek. Tiniest little things make me happy. Do you know why I think it is? Because this is something I KNOW you've done just for FUN. ♥ It's why I love you! Stuff like THIS! Hhaa. Plus you listen to me talk at night when I have insomnia even if we never seem to cross paths at the same time. ;)

Anyway. I will ALWAYS have cookies in my wallet. Thanks so much! ♥♥♥

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I am soooo happy you love dis! and ya dis is just for funsies tho if it is popular i wont shall always have some cookies! if you dont let me know i will make some moar!


I think it's going to be a HIT! Everyone loves cookies! Plus you can buy a whole bunch for dirt cheap! What's not to love?? : )

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I have some cookies in the oven right now.

Oatmeal cookies. With my special Melrose Avenue recipe (lol).

I’m gonna check out your cookies.

K bought some steem in the dip so I have a little to play with.

I Like Milk and Cookies. You can Never Have Too Many COOKIES !

I bet everyone likes these more than the general browser cookie! Got myself 10 COOKIES!

  ·  작년

yay!! im glad you like them. I'm trying to make a bot to give them with a command. it may take a while because all these cookies distract me!

You have DRAMA!

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congrats on your new cookie token they look fabulous


You've got DRAMA!

To view or trade DRAMA go to

nom nom nom


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Looks like you’ll be having a few more cookie monsters in on this token pretty soon 😝

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i got some cookies and the first thing that came to my mind was you and now i'm learning the tokens is actually yours OMG!!!! so freaking marvelous!!!